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Lower back pain. Flexibility and activity greatly improving.

SUCCES STORY: Nick B 11/22/19

I have been in pain for over 20 years, since a car accident when I was a kid. I couldn't do anything without feeling the pain radiate down my legs. I didn't think these chiropractic treatments would help. I was so wrong. I feel so much better. I no longer have to take medication on a daily basis. I rarely have to take any for back, neck and hip pain. I am so thankful for Dr. Falk and all of his Staff.

SUCCESS STORY: Peggy F 11/19/19

My problem was neck pain, arm pain (right), and very limited range of motion. My pain has decreased some, and my range of motion has increased a good bit.

SUCCESS STORY: Crystal E 11/13/19

My ability to walk more without my braces is improving.

SUCCESS STORY: Mike G 11/13/19

I had cervical pain radiating down my arm. Having adjustments solved my problem.

SUCCESS STORY: Lillian G 11/12/19

Neck and back pain. After just a few weeks, the pain had gotten tremendously better.

SUCCESS STORY: Charles D 11/11/19

Walking - Can walk without pain. Walking has increased.

SUCCESS STORY: Judy T 11/8/19

Bad back/hip. I can walk and stand straight again!


Constant stiffness/discomfort in neck and back are better. - Posture became better - Pain and stiffness decreased.

SUCCESS STORY: Keith F 11/6/19

My arm and shoulder is much improved, and the nerve that was running down my left leg is better.

SUCCESS STORY: Sara J 11/6/19

Neck and low back pain, Both are feeling better.

SUCCESS STORY: Linda C 11/5/19

Back and neck pain. Neck feels a lot better. Better posture.

SUCCESS STORY: Kayla D 11/4/19

My lower back issues have greatly improved. Shoulder pain has been minimal as well.

SUCCESS STORY: Colleen C 11/4/19

The issue I had was tightness in my neck, back and shoulders. Coming to Dr. Stinson has helped me perform better at work and in the gym.

SUCCESS STORY: Josh B 11/1/19

My problem was extreme neck and back pain. Each visit gives me a lot of relief.

SUCCESS STORY: Jan S 10/29/19

I was having lots of low back pain, and ya'll have straightened out my back.

SUCCESS STORY: Stacey B 10/28/19

My back pain has eased up tremendously. I am very fortunate to have found Falk Chiropractic.

SUCCESS STORY: Barbara M 10/25/19

I was suffering from back pain and a lot of tightness. Right after my car accident, it was very difficult for me to move my neck and even my entire body. The treatments have helped me get back on my feet and feel better again.

SUCCESS STORY: John T 10/25/19

Neck pain, hip pain, lower back pain. Now feeling better all over.

SUCCESS STORY Allen K 10/23/19

I have felt improvement with Dr. Falk's treatments. My strength has increased, enabling me greater walking distance and stamina.

SUCCESS STORY Jerry D 10/16/19

Extreme joint pain. Gradually less intense, given good advice on positioning, nutrition and vitamin treatment.

SUCCESS STORY Karen F 10/16/19

Drop foot and back pain. I seem to be able to walk more with out my braces, also, my back pain is getting better.

SUCCESS STORY Mike G 10/16/19

Neck was hurting. Treatment has worked very well.

SUCCESS STORY Melton D 10/15/19

Mu neck stiffness/stuckness is significantly reduced. I can drive much easier and look both ways! Halleuyah !

SUCCESS STORY Connie J 10/10/19

My problem was neck and back pain. You help me feel better. No more pain.

SUCCESS STORY George G 10/8/19

Back, leg, neck, shoulder pain. Dr. Rob helped get every sore, knick and cranny he can find. I feel so much better since I first came in,and the staff made me feel like home.

SUCCESS STORY Tasha W 10/7/19

I had extreme mid back pain, to the point that I could barely hold my child. Now, it is very manageable and I enjoy my time with my family.

SUCCESS STORY Justin W 10/7/19

Arm, leg and back pain, mainly on the right side, was causing problems in my daily life. After my first adjustment, I was able to move and function in ways I hadn't in years. I am able to live an almost pain free life now.

SUCCESS STORY Kendra F 10/7/19

Started to seek care with Dr. Falk after I fell, breaking my tail bone.After my first adjustment, the bone was put back in place, and now I'm somewhat able to sit.

SUCCESS STORY Tabitha B 10/7/19

Back and knee pain. You have helped alleviate the pain, and showed me ways to avoid pain in the future. ( Posture, Sitting, Sleeping Positions, Exercises, etc. )

SUCCESS STORY Mark G 9/27/19

Lower back and hips. Frequency of pain has definitely decreased since coming here.


My hips hurt. I could barley squat. Now after Dr. Falk explained my pain, showed and demonstrated a few exercises to be done daily, I have no pain, but more flexability!

SUCCESS STORY William H 9/24/19

Car accident. While still in pain, Dr. Rob is helping with movement.Increasing visits is helping a lot, along with neck and back pillows.

SUCCESS STORY Jane C 9/24/19

Car wreck. Shoulder, Knee, Leg. I can now move shoulder without pain,back problem has decreased.

SUCCESS STORY Lisa T 9/24/19​

I had what I thought was sciatica. It is a disc issue, pressing on my leg nerve. I have been going 3 times a week. I followed the exercise program and iced frequently. The adjustments, ice and exercise are working quite well.

SUCCESS STORY Annette B 9/23/19

Lower back was hurting. Could not bend or stand in one place for too long or sleep. Ever since my treatment, I'm able to bend and stand good and sleep better.

SUCCESS STORY Victor L 9/18/19

I don't know how I managed before Dr. Falk! My range of motion has improved by 60 - 70%. I have cut my pain medicine by at least 50%.Migraines have decreased; Sciatica is a thing of the past! I will always keep coming to Falk Family Chiropractic.

SUCCESS STORY Debbie Z 9/18/19

Lower back was hurting. Could not bend or stand in one place for too long or sleep. Ever since my treatment, I'm able to bend and stand good and sleep better.

SUCCESS STORY Victor L 9/18/19

Back pain - Less Pain. I feel so much better!

SUCCESS STORY Barbara G 9/18/19

Helped my flexibility. Helped my stiffness.

SUCCESS STORY Jason P 9/17/19

Lower back and neck stiffness. Back seems to be getting a little more flexible. I can turn my head more easily now.

SUCCESS STORY Jeff H 9/16/19

Lower back and neck pain. Through adjustments feeling better.

SUCCESS STORY Brent A 9/16/19

Sciatic nerve pain. I feel like a new person. I can walk, sit and stand up straight with no pain!

SUCCESS STORY Judy S 9/16/19

Lower back and unable to straighten up to walk. Spiking pain down rightleg. I am close to pain free.


When I scheduled my first appointment, I was having constant hip pain.Twelve visits later, I feel little to no discomfort.

SUCCESS STORY Paul M 9/11/19

On July 21, 2019, I broke my tail bone and was not able to sit. After the first visit, I was able to sit in a seat and feel the bone back in its correct location.

SUCCESS STORY Tabitha B 9/11/19

Pain in lower back and down back of legs while standing and walking. Both back and leg pain has improved. Pool exercise has helped also. Hope to get to point where standing and walking are pain free.

SUCCESS STORY Wallace G 9/11/19

I have always had pain in my upper back, neck and shoulders for as long as I can remember. Regular visits with Dr. Rob and Susan for Massage eliminate all my pain!

SUCCESS STORY Natalie W 9/11/19

My neck and shoulders no longer hurt or cause me pain.


I was in constant misery. You gave me back a piece of my life.


Neck pain much better. Sleeping better.

Success Story Lee R 9/6/19

Neck Pain has gotten better with each treatment.

Success Story Melton D 9/6/19

Joint pain (knees); couldn't pivot, move heavier objects w/foot. Couldn't stand even a short period of time without pain. Walking up o rdown stairs caused pain. Lifting heavy objects was very painful. Was unable to stand on one foot to put on socks or shoes without pain.STEM CELL injections has drastically improved my pain to non-existent in many of the above cases......Excellent Improvement to date.

SUCCESS STORY Norman A 9/5/19

Stomach - Hiatal Hernia - It is so much better. I can eat now without feeling so full. Back and posture both are improving.

Success Story Sandra C 9/4/19

Stem Cell and PRP Injection for Hip pain. I have less pain...YAY!

Success Story Darlene R 9/3/19

Back pain since 20 yrs old. My chiropractic sessions have relieved 50 years of neglect. 

Success Story David S 8/29/19

I am able to sit for longer periods of time without hurting. I can do more lifting when I'm in the gym. 

Success Story Nicole G 8/23/19

I was involved in a car wreck and got whiplash, that caused a lot of neck and back pain. Dr. Rob re-adjusted my neck and back. Now I can move with out hurting. 

Success Story Ashley B 8/5/19

Lower/mid back pain helped by getting me rapid treatment, that wasdirected toward my problem to relieve my pain and improve my overall jobperformance. The staff is very kind and excellent, highly recommend. 

Success Story Brianna B 8/7/19

Since treatment began I'm feeling much better. Dr. Falk has brought my activity level up without my pain increasing. I've felt much improvement in my back pain. 

Success Story Colleen C 7/2/19

Sciatica was my main complaint. I have experience great relief with this issue, as well as extreme tightness in shoulders and neck. Headaches have decreased as well. 

Success Story Tonya W 8/7/19

I have been seeing Dr. Falk for almost a year now, and every visit makes me feel better and better. 

I am still not taking pain meds. My weekly visit is very good for my body. 

Success Story Shirley S 7/29/19

My lower back pain has improved immensly. Dr. Falk has helped me improve things I wasn't even aware of. My posture has also become better. 

Success Story Whitney W 7/31/19

My headaches are almost completely gone

Success Story: Terry M 7/24/19

Lower back pain becoming more intermittent

Success Story: David H 7/24/19

Six weeks ago I was in constant pain and could barely walk. I could not raise my right arm above my shoulder. Now I have periods of pain-free time which I greatly appreciate, and my mobility is much improved. I am dong more moderate exercise and enjoying it. Hoping to be pain-free soon.

Success Story: David G 7/19/19

I have been going to chiropractors for 15 ys. Dr. Falk is the best, hands down. 

Success Story: Wanda C 7/17/19

I was able to get off of a headache medicine that wasn't changing anything for me. Now, I have minimal pain and don't have to take any medication. 

Success Story: Randi T 7/18/19

The staff of ladies in the front are wonderful. They are all very helpful. Dr. Rob is great a what he does and very personable. I see improvement weekly from my auto accident.

Success Story: Shawn S 3/15/19

Since I started getting the adjustments, I am able to do more without asmuch pain. I am very appreciative of everything you guys are doing. Ithelps so much. 

Success Story: Rochelle D. - 7/19/19

Decreased pain. Improved Sleep.

Success Story: Chris W. - 7/12/19

Been seeing Dr. Rob since April 2019. Pinch nerve went away. Can benddown without pain. Still experiencing stiffness when I'm standing, butoverall I'm great! 

Success Story: Brittney J.- 7/10/19

Dr. Falk has helped me with my pain in my knee, back, neck and feet. Ifeel a lot better after he adjusts me. 

Success Story: Cheryl W. - 7/9/19

Treatments w/Dr. Falk and Massage Therapist Susan have changed myoverall health and outlook on life. Being able to be more active w/lesspain is a blessing to me. These two work together for their patients toachieve a healthy lifestyle and movement w/less pain.

Success Story: Marcia S - 7/9/19

I am thankful I came to the office. My sciatica was so bad, I couldbarely stand, sit or find any comfortable position. I have greatlyimproved. All the staff are always so helpful and a joy. I trulyrecommend you visit. 

Success Story: Tonya W. - 7/8/19

My pain in back and in my legs have shown a real good improvement. 

Success Story: Frances L. - 7/8/19

Since I started coming, Dr. Rob has aligned my right hip and leg, andable to walk with less pain and tripping. 

Success Story: Jerry P. - 7/7/19

My shoulders do not hurt and ache as much during sleep.

Success Story: William H. - 7/1/19

Although some pain is still present, I can honestly say I do feel better. I am more cautious/aware of my posture, certain movements, and standing stance. Glad I seeked help before my issues got out of hand.

Success Story: Kemberly G - 6/12/19

Dr. Falk's efforts on my behalf are definitely helping. My lower back tenderness is nearly non-existent, and my neck posture and pain have improved. I do believe that full recovery to my pre-accident condition is possible. 

Success Story: Jeremy E 6/14/19

Back and lower right hip pain is much improved now. 

Success Story: Barbara P - 5/14/19

Since treatment began, I feel that I have improved by at lest 50%. My pain has decreased, and I can go longer periods without feeling discomfort. 

Success Story: Ron D - 5/1/19

My right elbow has been giving me pain for the past 1 1/2 yrs. Before moving to SC, I was receiving pain management shots every 4 months. After working with Dr. Falk, my pain has decreased by at least 80%, and he isn't finished with my treatments. 

Success Story: Cynthia S - 5/10/19

Played a round of golf "Pain Free". First time in over a year! Thanks Dr. Rob! 

Success Story: J Richard W - 5/13/19

I started seeing Dr. Falk after my car wreck, and had limited movement and tons of pain. Now I'm moving better than ever with little pain on a daily basis. 

Success Story: Ashley B - 5/22/19

About 50% better than when I began treatment.

Success Story: Bob P - 5/21/19

My back and neck symptoms have decreased 

Success Story: Cathy W - 5/15/19

The Staff of ladies in the front are wonderful. They are all very helpful. Dr. Rob is great at what he does and very personable. I see improvement weekly from my auto accident. 

Success Story: Shawn S - 3/15/19

Since coming to Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness, my body pain (neck& back) has improved tremendously. I'm able to do much more withoutlittle to no aches because of the weekly visits. Thank you

Success Story: Ny Jae B - 3/6/19

It's about 6 mos. now since I've been with Dr. Falk. I am still painand medication free and feel great. Best thing that every happened tome. 

Success Story Shirley S 5/4/19

Less pain in my neck and mid-spine. 

Success Story Darlene R 5/3/19

Six months ago, I was a passenger in our care that was rear-ended. Thenext day I started getting the effects of Whiplash, with neck and backpain, dizziness and bad headaches. I couldn't even comprehen things oneday I was talked to. It affected my head. After icing, electrostimulation and manipulation at Dr. Falks Office, I am doing muchbetter. I don't believe in drugs that mask pain. I believe inChiropractic help for sure! 

Success Story Cheryl M 4/30/19

Component elements of the golf swing are being corrected such as, wrists, elbows, lower back, hips and pelvis, both sides of the neck and between the shoulder blades.

Success Story Pat G. 41219

My treatment has improved my condition resulting from an Auto Accident. Noticeable relief from local tenderness in my lower back, and improved flexibility of my neck and back have occurred as a result of this treatment. I am hopeful for complete spinal repair, and a future that is free of abnormal spine pain. Thank you for the help.

Success Story Jeremy E. 4/14/19

Right leg (knee) has become very maneuverable and pain has lessened.
Lower back pain has lessened considerably.

Success Story Chuck W 4/15/19

Right leg (knee) has become very maneuverable and pain has lessened.
Lower back pain has lessened considerably.

Success Story Chuck W 4/15/19

I had difficulty walking. I had to stop to let pain subside before I could continue. I now walk almost pain free.

Success Story Judith T 4/19/19

My knee pain has improved a great deal. I have been very pleased with my improvement with pain.

Success Story Nancy S 4/19/19

Since seeing Dr. Rob, all the pain I had been having has decreased. I am able to see better, and able to move like I used to, so I can keep up with the family. 

Success Story Joann B. 3/29/19

I had lots of right shoulder pain. With Dr. Falks help, my shoulder has no pain while exercising. My range of motion has dramatically increased. Thanks Dr. Falk! 

Success Story William H. 4/1/19

Since visiting Falk Family & Wellness, my back and neck pain is tremendously improved. The exercises performed has lead to a better comfort within my daily activities. 

Success Story Nja B. 3/25/19

Since coming to Dr. Falk, I have been able to walk without assistance. When I first came, I couldn't feel my right leg, I can feel my leg. I only have a small area I can't feel but it's getting there. 

Success Story Alex S. 3/27/19

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