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Success Survey

We value our patients' experience at Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

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    I was experiencing severe neck pain radiating into my left shoulder, chest, back, and arm. I had minimal range of motion due to the pain. Through therapy and adjustments, Dr. Rob helped me regain range of motion in my neck and left arm, and the pain is improving daily.

    SUCCESS STORY Blake C 9/7/21

    Having been diagnosed with MS, blood pressure and arthritic issues, I now have a Doctor who gives me relief, education and most of all hope with my disease. His guidance of nutrition, exercise and his treatments have made a world of difference living day to day.

    SUCCESS STORY: Karen F 8/18/21

    I experienced intense lower back pain to the point where I could not stand. With Dr. Rob's help in addition to my exercise, I can move a lot better and live with less pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: Kaitlin C 7/1/21

    Back pain so severe I could not stand up straight, ankles hurt to walk, neck and shoulders stiff and hurt to move. I can stand up straighter, walking has improved, neck and shoulders working better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Richard C 7/2/21

    When I came into the office, I could hardly walk, my knee gave me so much pain. When I left I could walk fine. My back seems to be slowly getting better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Kathleen M 7/9/21

    Came in w/lower back and hip pain. Difficulty walking, sitting, sleeping, standing. About 80% better. Can walk about 3 1/2 miles a day.Most pain first thing in the morning.

    SUCCESS STORY: Stephen M 7/13/21

    Dr. Dan and Dr. Rob are both excellent chiropractors. I have been apatient at Falk Family Total Health for several years, and I wouldn't goto anyone else.

    SUCCESS STORY: Debbie Z 7/20/21

    Neck improved. Back improved. Knee same.

    SUCCESS STORY: Charlene A 8/11/21

    My back, when I get adjusted and after felt great.

    ​SUCCESS STORY: Lauren J 8/6/21

    I had pain in my back that prevented me from sleeping. I am able to sleep.

    SUCCESS STORY Kimberly C 7/26/21

    I came in walking with a cane slowly, took a little while to stand up.Now, no cane, walking better, hip is flexible now. Better everyday.Thank you !

    SUCCESS STORY: Arnette R 7/16/21

    I developed excessive imbalance. Dr. Falk taught me exercises and breathing techniques to bring it under control. He treats my neurological disease with results.

    SUCCESS STORY: Karen F 6/24/21

    I had severe headaches that continued for days on end. With my chiropractic recovery, I have had very few headaches caused by my neck issues. I recommend Dr. Rob to everyone I know ! Thank you!

    SUCCESS STORY Nicole Z 6/22/21

    I've began having lower back pain and limited range of motion. Dr. Falk offered an alternative to muscle relaxers and pain medication, by chiropractic intervention and maintaining a more healthy lifestyle.

    SUCCESS STORY Wendy M 6/21/21

    Lower back pain relieved through manipulation.

    SUCCESS STORY William S 6/15/21

    I was rear-ended by a Mack Truck while in my first trimester of pregnancy. Fortunately, I have been a long time patient of Dr. Falk, and was not seriously injured. He was able to correct my misalignments and relieved my neck and back pain, all safely and naturally.

    SUCCESS STORY Sydni L 6/11/21

    Back, joint pain and stiffness. My right leg was so bad, could not lift it very well - now I can lift it the same as the left.

    SUCCESS STORY Betty P 6/11/21

    Pain in shoulders, knees, hip and back. I can walk without a cane. Pain is getting better, pain can be managed with ice treatment and feet elevation.

    SUCCESS STORY Arnette R 6/9/21

    Successful recovery for Achilles' heel and corrected position of left foot.

    SUCCESS STORY Lorraine B 6/6/21

    Very painful to do anything during the day. I have been able to walk in store to shop; in my yard I feel like I'm being productive again. Still some pain - a work in progress.

    SUCCESS STORY Cynthia W 6/4/21

    Joint and hip pain. Whole body feels much better after my sessions with Dr. Falk.

    SUCCESS STORY Dorothy F 6/4/21

    Lower back pain w/numbness is less now. Have fewer days with pain and can actually sleep through the night without lots of pain.

    SUCCESS STORY Jim H 6/4/21

    Before coming to Falk Family the tension and pain on my neck and shoulders was terrible. I had difficulty doing my job, concentrating and sleeping. Now. I sleep through the night, and my work quality has improved.

    SUCCESS STORY Rosa P 6/4/21

    When I came to Dr. Falk's I had great pain in my right hip and shoulder. Over time and treatment, my hip and shoulder pain have been greatly reduced. Dr. Falk has provided educational information and lifestyle suggestions that have helped to change my life.

    SUCCESS STORY Bryan F 6/2/21

    I now have better range of motion in my neck.

    SUCCESS STORY Becky E 6/2/21

    I was experiencing severe sciatic nerve pain and numbness in my leg. With regular adjustments and one deep tissue Massage, the pain is completely gone.

    SUCCESS STORY Aimee K 5/27/21

    I had a severe herniated disc. The chiropractor that I previously had made it even worse. Had an MRI taken. The Doctor and Neurologist stated this is severe and I need surgery, and need it done very quickly. Sought out a 2nd opinion. Found Dr. Falk for that. He said I don't need surgery - He can fix it! He was right, and I am so thankful for him!

    SUCCESS STORY: Barry K 5/24/21

    Crooked jaw. Dr. Falk worked on it and now it's normal. My smile isn't crooked !

    SUCCESS STORY: Angel B 5/25/21

    My problem was major severe back pain, stress and hump in the upperback. Dr. Rob made me feel 100% better. He takes his time, listens andtargeted every problem I had. Thank you Doc !

    SUCCESS STORY: Brittany S 5/25/21

    I've had bad lower back pain most of my adult life. Dr. Rob has given me the quality of life from my lower back pain. Regular adjustments keep me from pain.

    SUCCESS STORY David L 5/20/21

    After a fall, my knee and hip were very painful. Chiropractic has helped reduce the pain and given me more range of motion. Massage with Susan had been extremely beneficial.

    SUCCESS STORY Donna CJ 5/4/21

    Pain in my lower back. The range of motion seems to be a little better

    SUCCESS STORY Joyce R 5/10/21

    Neck and lower back - they are both better as long as I get adjusted.

    SUCCESS STORY Barbara C 5/5/21

    Lower back pain - Shot in back has helped very much - Also weekly adjustments have helped.

    ​SUCCESS STORY Terry H 4/13/21

    Pain in left hip - adjustment helps. Right knee and Stem Cell procedure in progress.

    SUCCESS STORY Linda D - 4/12/21

    Left wrist and backache - hip off track. I was given the proper treatment and also corrected my posture.

    SUCCESS STORY Jose RH 4/30/21

    I have been a long-time patient of Dr. Falk, but recently I was in a car accident that caused a lot of pain to my neck and lower back. He is the reason I feel normal again! He's the best!

    SUCCESS STORY Sydni L 4/30/21

    It's been 10 weeks since beginning treatment and I couldn't be happier. An orthopedic doctor wanted to operate on my neck, saying my condition was degenerative. Dr. Rob said he could help and he has. Before treatment, I had numbness and pins and needles shooting down my left arm all day every day. I now only have the pins and needles maybe once a week from overactivity. Still, a ways to go, but so much better. Thank you!

    SUCCESS STORY Rebecca H 4/26/21

    I want to thank you for all your help. I had problems getting out of my recliner. Now it's better. My neck, shoulders, back, hips, hands and free are still bad.

    SUCCESS STORY Janice J 5/2/21

    My back and neck were terrible and prevented me from doing much of anything. I now do more than I've done in years.

    SUCCESS STORY: Jan S 5/4/21

    Pain, stiffness, poor endurance. Received excellent individualized care.

    ​SUCCESS STORY: Marthena M 5/4/21

    Neck is much better

    SUCCESS STORY: David P. 4/16/21

    Severe pain in upper back, lower back and left shoulder. My pain level is much less and my mobility is much greater.

    SUCCESS STORY: James P. 4/21/21

    Neck pain, back and leg pain was bad. I still have some pain...but my life is much better.

    SUCCESS STORY: James H. 4/20/21

    I had severe back and hip pain. It is getting better. I also have neurological problems; ie: balance, eyesight. Dr. Falk is helping with exercises and motion that is increasing control of bouts of neurological attacks.

    SUCCESS STORY: Karen F. - 4/20/21

    Had lower back and neck pain. The pain has decreased since treatment.

    SUCCESS STORY: Preston S. - 3/22/21

    I was passing out at work. I was able to work for a short period of time without passing out. My shoulder is getting better. I can close my eyes and touch my noise. I couldn't do that when I started seeing Dr. Falk.

    SUCCESS STORY: Sheri T. - 3/30/21

    I experienced neck and back pain. My motion has improved somewhat....but now where I want to be as normal. The adjustments and stimulations did help.

    SUCCESS STORY: Maurice P. - 3/8/21

    My mobility has improved. The solution is slow but progressive.

    SUCCESS STORY: Lacreta Z. 3/31/21

    Lower Back - 50% better

    SUCCESS STORY: James C. 3/30/21

    My elbow only bent out so far. My knee bothered me but I didn't realizethat my hip was a little out of place. Now my hip is back where itbelongs and my knee is working like it should. I learned somethingabout my wallet in the wrong pocket.

    SUCCESS STORY: Vernes T. 3/29/21

    Sciatica nerve pain was going all the way down my leg. Now it's only inmy lower back and hip. I do have a lot more mobility in walking.

    SUCCESS STORY: Pam P. 3/29/21

    I was starting to get a stiff dragging leg and lower back pain limping. Kept putting off Chiropractic visit. Symptoms got worse. Could not get any relief. Decided the time had come to get Chiropractic Care. Now I can take short walks again. My back rarely aches, and my knee is coming along to what I was accustom to.

    SUCCESS STORY: Gloria T - 3/26/21

    Overall pain has improved. No major headache in over a month. Neck pain has decreased. Low back improving.

    SUCCESS STORY: April M - 3/26/21

    I'm doing fair. I'm glad you got me out of a lot of my pain. Thanks for doing that. I feel good today.

    SUCCESS STORY: Karen M - 3/19/21

    Herniated Disc. Dr. put spine in proper alignment so the body could heal.

    SUCCESS STORY: Barry K - 3/16/21

    Since coming to Dr. Falk, all aspects of my health have improved. I am able to stay active with very little pain. Dr. Falk has educated me on proper diet, proper exercise and proper supplements. I am grateful for his help and support. Susan (Massage Therapist) is also great and helpful.

    SUCCESS STORY: Bryan F - 3/3/21

    My back hurts a lot of the time. Dr. Rob has helped by putting my back in line so many times.

    SUCCESS STORY: Pamela D - 3/12/21

    I experienced neck and back pain. My motion has improved somewhat but not where I want to be as normal. The adjustments and stimulation help.

    SUCCESS STORY: Maurice P - 3/8/21

    Low back pain, stiffness. You helped alleviate the tightness in my lower back.

    SUCCESS STORY: David A - 3/22/21

    Had lower back and neck pain. The pain has decreased since treatment.

    SUCCESS STORY: Preston S - 3/22/21

    Range of movement much better. Can touch toes first time in years!

    SUCCESS STORY: Kay R - 3/19/21

    I started coming to Dr. Falk's office with lower back pain, and once I received manual adjustments, and used a pillow under my knees when I sleep like Dr. Rob recommended, I have noticed a great improvement in my pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: James M - 3/16/21

    My pain level since beginning treatment has been reduced considerably.

    SUCCESS STORY: Russell P. 3/8/21

    Lower back pain from removing laundry of dryer. Pain was instantly relieved at first adjustment. Will continue treatment for well being.

    Elizabeth R. 1/26/21

    Issue: Torn Rotator Cuff. Results: Increased range of motion which allows me to do more with that arm.

    Patrick G. 2/26/21

    Though the continued adjustments from Dr. Falk, I have felt healthier, less pain and am able to perform some chores that I couldn't before. Dr. Falk has worked on any issues I've had. Feeling satisfied to this point, I started bringing my wife.

    David W. 2/26/21

    Mostly neck out of whack and frequently. Much better and staying in place longer.

    Julia T 2/26/21

    Range of motion to left shoulder. After several appointments, able to do range of motion without much problems at all now.

    Eva T 2/26/21

    Back pain - relieving pressure on my lower back, neck and upper back.

    Patricia S 2/26/21

    Lower back pain was my problem, and chiropractic has helped reduce it.

    SUCCESS STORY: Tyler J. 2/18/21

    Extreme pain in hips and lower back. My pain has decreased sincestarting to come to Dr. Falk. Wonderful treatment. Thanks.

    SUCCESS STORY: Donna CJ. 2/12/21

    Dizziness, headache, knee pain and hip pain. The dizziness andheadaches have become a lot less and knee is getting better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Nancy G. 1/15/21

    My problem was my back, neck and my left knee. It is getting better dayby day so I feel a little better. I'm getting there thanks to yourhelp.

    SUCCESS STORY: Karen M. 1/18/21

    I was having sharp pains in my back, but now they are so much better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Kenneth B. 1/14/21

    Lower back pain. May sciatic nerve was hurting me a "10" on the painscale. Dr. Rob has helped eliminate the nerve pain, and has helped mylower back pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: Pamela P. 1/15/21

    Dr. Falk's service was outstanding. I'm pain free today: Neck, BackShoulders. No Dr. has ever called me twice and cared for me like Dr.Falk.

    SUCCESS STORY: William H. 1/26/21

    Lower back pain. Doesn't occur as often and doesn't last as long.Performing recommended stretching and applying ice daily has helped.Without continuing icing and stretching, I'll go right back to where Iwas.

    SUCCESS STORY: David W. 1/15/21

    My lower back was in pain, and I had left foot heel pain. I now have only occasional discomfort. Dr. Falk has helped me a lot, as well as how to live an all around healthier lifestyle.

    SUCCESS STORY: Diane W. 2/22/21

    Neck and shoulder pain and stiffness now pretty good. Lower back pain much better. Foot and ankle swelling and stiffness not getting worse.

    SUCCESS STORY: David G. 2/24/21

    Lower back pain from removing laundry out of the dryer. Pain has instantly relieved at first adjustment. Continue with treatment for wellbeing.

    SUCCESS STORY: Elizabeth R. 1/26/21

    Neck, back and shoulder pain. With the proper chiropractic treatments the pain is minimized and provided some comfort to injury.

    SUCCESS STORY Denise H 12/30/20

    Hips were out of line and it caused knee pain. Now the knee pain is gone as long as I stay aligned.

    ​ SUCCESS STORY Amanda S 12/28/20

    Continued visits have greatly helped with headaches and back pain that Iwas having.

    SUCCESS STORY Michael R 12/21/20

    I have benefited since beginning chiropractic because I had stiffness in my bones and joints from many bone spurs on my spine that was becoming very worse and keeping me depressed and mean to others who love me.

    SUCCESS STORY Marsha B 12/18/20

    Mid and lower back pain. Frequent headaches and pain in the neck.During these last sessions, I have felt relief in my lower back thatlead to some of the pain that I felt in my legs.

    SUCCESS STORY Britteny H 12/18/20

    Overall reduced pain. I can now do my job without nearly as much daily pain.

    SUCCESS STORY Megan L 12/16/20

    One problem I had was a lot of pain in my thumbs and forefingers. I hadPRP injected in the joints in that hand, and that has helped so much. Idon't have nearly has much pain and I am able to hold things longer.

    SUCCESS STORY Donna CJ 12/15/20

    I was having awful migraines for a long time. Come to find out my head and neck was very out of whack. Since coming here, my migraines have continued to get less frequent. Thank you, Dr. Falk.

    SUCCESS STORY Sonja S 12/11/20

    Came here due to back pain that had been going on for while. The office after calling scheduled me as soon as possible. I came in and got an exam by Dr. Rob and after about 12 visits, I haven't had any back pain as much.

    SUCCESS STORY Nathan I 12/9/20

    I came to your office seeking help for my lower back pain. After a month of visits, I've noticed some improvement in my mobility, however, my low back pain comes and goes, but is caused by me doing too much workaround the house. The severity of my back problem I believe will take more time and adjustments. I also need to focus on the items I've been instructed to do at home, such as, apply ice more often, perform stretches, mindfulness., etc. After some visits, I've walked out with no pain, more energy, and a better outlook on getting better. I haven't experienced any headaches or dizziness since coming to your office. These are two items that did not plague me before but happened on occasion. You work on me from my fingers to my feet and work on issues I speak about. I appreciate this and can say that no other chiropractor I had before had done all that you have been doing for me. I feel positive after seeing you and believe I'll be in better shape in the near future.

    SUCCESS STORY David W 12/7/20

    When I started coming here my worse problem was my neck. Now my neck is so much better. The worse pain I have now is my lower back, but I am improving daily.

    SUCCESS STORY Brett B 12/2/20

    Severe back pain - slowly getting better with treatment.

    SUCCESS STORY Daniel C 11/20/20

    Pain in arms, hands and fingers. Some relief. Right hand fist some improvement.

    SUCCESS STORY Robert S 11/20/20

    I came in with aching bones and bad back. Ever since I came in to Dr. Falk, my body is feeling way much better. Can't ask for a better relief. I would recommend this office to everyone.

    SUCCESS STORY Keisha V 11/24/20

    Stiff and sore upper back and neck. Problems were improved by therapy, adjustments and massage regularly.

    SUCCESS STORY Leigha H 10/30/20

    Fall from a stroke. Back is much better, no pain there now. Knees in sorry shape, working on it and it's better as we go along. Neck in good shape too thanks to Dr. Falk.

    SUCCESS STORY Charles A 11/16/20

    Left leg, hip and back pain. Drastic improvement in pain level and movement.

    SUCCESS STORY Temi O 11/18/20

    Before going to Dr. Falk, I was struggling to complete simple daily task due to back pain. Now, I'm more active, sleep pattern has improved and so has my attitude. Thankful for the friendly employees along with amazing services I've received.

    SUCCESS STORY Shemeika S 11/18/20

    Recurring mid back pain. Unable to sit with proper posture without discomfort. Adjustments have improved both issues, and I no longer have to worry about pain if I bend over too quickly.

    SUCCESS STORY Michael R 11/13/20

    Car accident. I was in a lot of pain from my head to my hips. Still have a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder, but the hips, ribs and back feel a whole lot better.

    SUCCESS STORY Toni S 11/12/20

    I came in to be treated for neck issues due to a car accident, vertigo, back pain, headaches and arthritis in my left knee. Dr. Falk is treating me to get my spine back in alignment to relieve the pain, stress and misaligned injury back under control, in order to function normally.

    SUCCESS STORY Kathryn F 11/11/20

    Had severe neck pain. Dr. Falk has helped a lot. Still have a ways to go, but I'm getting better.

    SUCCESS STORY Robert P 11/10/20

    Neck, shoulder and periodic low back pain. Regular adjustments have helped me better manage the pain and discomfort.

    SUCCESS STORY Johnny H 11/9/20

    I had bad neck pain resulting in migraines constantly. I've had only 2migraines since my treatment started. My neck has much less pain and tension as well.

    SUCCESS STORY MJ J 10/30/20

    I came to Dr. Falk with problems with my lower back, hips and ankles. Since coming to Dr. Falk, I could tell a difference in my pain level within the first 3 visits. My "problems" are still improving throughout my treatment.

    SUCCESS STORY Holly J 10/28/20

    Pain in neck, stiffness. I am able to turn my neck better and most of my pain is gone

    ​SUCCESS STORY Paula E 10/28/20

    My pain levels have greatly improved, and I can continue to do my job well into the future.

    SUCCESS STORY David B 10/28/20

    Since I have been coming to the Chiropractor over the last several months, my sleeping and walking have improved over time.

    SUCCESS STORY Timothy W 10/22/20

    Helped with my posture and pain. Feeling a ton better!

    SUCCESS STORY Andrew E 10/15/20

    Out of alignment and sore back. Best adjustment ever! Feeling better. Dr. Rob is great!

    SUCCESS STORY: Greg R. 10/15/20

    Mobility was an issue, and so was range of motion. I can move around more without as much pain. Your staff and Sydny really does make it better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Carolina L. 10/14/20

    Excruciating shoulder and neck pain. Over the past few months our office has helped me get back to work with manageable discomfort. I can tell that I am on the way to full recovery, and I now realize just how important regular chiropractic care is.

    SUCCESS STORY: Hunter B. 10/14/20

    My problems were my back and neck because of a care accident. The staff is very helpful, friendly, very professional, and is helping to resolve my problems.

    SUCCESS STORY: Kyeta B. 10/13/20

    I was having issues with lower back pain. My pain is way less frequent, and I feel my posture improving.

    SUCCESS STORY: Ron S. 10/12/20

    My lower back pain has improved since starting treatment. I no longer have the shooting pains on standing or walking during my 12 hr. shift.

    SUCCESS STORY: Kaitlin D. 10/9/20

    Right hip and sciatic pain. It is better, just occasional twinge or catch after sitting.

    SUCCESS STORY: Jamie J. 10/13/20

    Walking and standing. Now I can walk twice as far, and stand longer with less pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: Steve H 10/9/20

    Got in a car accident. Couldn't walk, hunched over. From my head to my hips in pain a lot. Now I am standing and walking. My head isn't hurting as much. Some days head and jaw aches, most of pain now in right shoulder (collar bone).

    SUCCESS STORY: Toni S 10/8/20

    Mid-back pain needed re-alignment. Was constantly uncomfortable and the re-alignment took care of that. I feel much better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Kasey R 9/17/20

    Back pain was horrible. Had trouble walking, driving, sleeping. Doing incredibly better, huge difference in mobility and all without medications.

    SUCCESS STORY: Stacia S 9/11/20

    Neck Pain. Adjustments have lessened the discomfort. Pain around shoulder blades. Adjustments have helped.

    SUCCESS STORY: Doyle A 9/8/20

    My neck and back hurt all the time. I also always got headaches and had bad indigestion. Both have gotten much better and I feel great!

    SUCCESS STORY: Stephanie D 9/4/20

    Pain in lower back from fall on ice continues daily. Dr. Rob and Susan have helped alleviate the pain tremendously.

    SUCCESS STORY: Denise B 8/14/20

    Pain in neck. Could not turn my head. Pain in left shoulder. After my visits with Dr. Rob, I can now function normal and most of the pain is gone.


    I was having pain in my right hip, soreness in my lower back, and frequent headaches. Since coming to Dr. Rob, I have better mobility. I can now lie on my back with little or no pain when I go to bed at night.I also noticed that I have fewer headaches.


    This most recent series of treatments was a result of a fall while playing pickleball. I fell backward landing on my bottom, causing misalignment of my back and a pinched nerve in my neck. Dr. Rob was able to eliminate all issues and now I'm pain free once again. (except for arthritis issues in lower back)

    SUCCESS STORY: John K 8/10/20

    I came in several months ago with crippling back pain. Dr. Rob has relieved the pain and I'm not able to return to work and working out.

    SUCCESS STORY: Matthew R 8/7/20

    I came in several months ago with crippling back pain. Dr. Rob has relieved the pain and I am now able to return to work and working out.

    SUCCESS STORY: Matthew R 8/7/20

    Extreme pain in lower left back. Could not sit - very painful getting up. Pain is down to a 1-2 - can get up from a chair no issues.

    SUCCESS STORY: Peggy K 8/7/20

    Extreme lower back, neck and upper back pain. Daily visits helped and lowered my pain down 50% so far.

    SUCCESS STORY: Richard H 8/6/20

    My left foot was giving me a lot of pain. There is great improvement on the pain level. I would say, from an 8 to a 2-3. I am not limping nearly as much.

    SUCCESS STORY: Gail P 8/5/20

    Bad neck pain, lower back and shoulders. Neck pain is almost gone,lower back is doing great. Shoulders are way better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Kathy B 8/5/20

    When I started seeing Dr. Falk, I was passing out all the time. No doctor could tell me what's going on. After seeing Dr. Falk, I am able to work and drive. Thank you Dr. Falk.

    SUCCESS STORY: Sheri T 8/4/20

    My hip and legs hurt so bad I could not sit down for long periods without experiencing pain when getting up! Now, it is so much better!The pain in my lower back is better also.

    SUCCESS STORY: Brandy B 8/3/20

    I was not walking well and felt unsteady. You gave me more confidence. Leg feels better. Walking sometimes without a cane.

    SUCCESS STORY: David R 7/31/20

    Shin splints were not allowing me to walk. My visit made me realize Ihad other challenges, back pain, hip pain, neck pain. All of these haveimproved. I'm walking with minimal pain. Lower back pain doesn't keepme awake at night. My neck feels better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Kimberly T 7/31/20

    My neck was very sore, my back hurt and my leg hurt all the time. Now,my back and neck is much better and my leg doesn't hurt as much.

    SUCCESS STORY: Jamie H 7/30/20

    Neck pain, back pain. It has brought down pain level. Makes me feel alot better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Ashley G 7/29/20

    My problem was back pain, and now my back never hurts.

    SUCCESS STORY: Anna W 7/27/20

    My problem concerned the left achilles tendon and the improper position of my left heel. Dr. Falk has helped tremendously and my foot is much improved.

    SUCCESS STORY: Loraine B 7/17/20

    Pinched nerve in neck and generally stiff/uncoordinated. Neck and back to normal and much more flexible overall. Golf and bicycling more often.

    SUCCESS STORY: Ron P 7/15/20

    I have been seeing a Neurologist for 2 years with no improvement. Dr. Falk has helped me more in 2 months than any Neurologist I have seen.My neck and back pain has improved greatly. Thank you Dr. Falk.

    SUCCESS STORY: Leslie R 7/14/20

    Acute joint pain, leg and back. Dr. Falk is an excellent educator on your condition and what you need to do to correct it with; exercise,nutrition and diet. His staff are professional, compassionate and respectful. They are all part of a great team.

    SUCCESS STORY: Karen F 7/13/20

    My pain was severe and I had trouble walking. After Dr. Falk treated me, I can now walk 1/2 mile with a cane, and my pain level has decreased.

    SUCCESS STORY - Thomas N - 7/8/20

    Have had bad lower back pain since 20 yrs. old. Chiropractic has greatly improved my back and decreased pain.

    SUCCESS STORY - David S - 7/6/20

    Rear ended in car accident. Had pain in my neck, back and hips. Therapy relieved almost all my issues, and introduced me to wonderful new products from Liquid Vitamins, Elderberry Syrup and Spacer Pillow that has changed my sleep patterns.

    SUCCESS STORY - Megan B - 7/7/20

    My problem was, I was hurting in my back, neck, knees, ankles and shoulders. Dr. Falk has made me new. I have my life back. I feel wonderful.

    SUCCESS STORY: Carolyn W 7/1/20

    My back and sciatica pain has vanished! The pain level went from 10 to 0.

    SUCCESS STORY: Suzanna T 7/1/20

    Pain and stiffness in neck. With my visits and exercises recommended,most of my pain and stiffness has gone away.

    SUCCESS STORY: Paula E 6/30/20

    I have had long term ongoing lower back, shoulder and ankle pain due top revious injuries. When I first came, I was experiencing a disc flareup in my lower back causing mobility issues and a lot of discomfort.Dr. Falk has treated my concerns for a couple of months, and drastically reduced my pain. I have been able to resume yoga and physical exercise,as well as most normal activities. My back is strengthening and the swelling in my ankle is not as bad. I am incredibly happy with my treatment.

    SUCCESS STORY: Jamie H 6/29/20

    My neck was stiff and in pain. Can't turn my head, left shoulder and rotator cuff pain. The adjustments relieved the pain to where it's tolerable and it feels better afterwards.

    SUCCESS STORY: Hedy L 6/28/20

    I have suffered with unbearable pain behind left shoulder blade and down the arm. Currently, my pain is in check practically gone, and if triggered it's minimal. Doc has also worked on many other underlying issues that I've long gotten used to. I'm on the mend.

    SUCCESS STORY: Michele M 6/24/20

    Treatment has made my life better. I enjoy everyday much better with less pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: James H 6/22/20

    A rude awakening. On June 1, taken to the hospital ER on a 911 call at 3 am, we no recollection of event. My problem, level 10 neck pain and left hip pain with shooting pains occurring with movement. Now, 3 weeks
    & 10 treatments, later pain level reduced to 5/6.

    SUCCESS STORY: Nora F 6/21/20

    I had pain in my back and numbness in my feet. When I come on a regular basis both problems have decreased greatly.

    SUCCESS STORY: Rudy W 6/20/20

    I was having severe neck pain. After a few weeks of treatment, the paindecreased.

    SUCCESS STORY: Brent G 6/11/20

    I fell on my face and hurt my neck. I was having trouble swallowing,coughing, sneezing and laughing. I can do all that comfortably now.

    SUCCESS STORY: Akasha D 6/8/20

    When I first started, I was in terrible pain and could hardly getaround. Now I am up walking and being able to do small things. Mostdays my pain is so much better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Barbara G 6/12/20

    I took a fall in my yard which hurt my knee, shoulder, neck and back.My neck was the worse. I could barely move it for pain - couldn'tsleep. Dr. Falk and Susan straightened me out again.

    SUCCESS STORY: Karen E 6/12/20

    I had pain in my lower back and hip area. Since I have been going toDr. Rob weekly, I can finally have a peaceful nights sleep.

    SUCCESS STORY: Terry H 6/11/20

    Neck and Hip. You did a great job. It helped with the hip and neckpain, and a bonus was my jaw !

    SUCCESS STORY: Kathy B 6/10/20

    The top of my shoulder and the area underneath my armpit used to hurteven when I am inactive. Now those areas hurt less, and I don't feelconstant pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: Patel D 6/9/20

    My back and neck was injured during a rear end collision. I alsoexperienced numbness in fingers. Since treatment, my neck and back feelmuch better, and I almost have 100% feeling in fingers.

    SUCCESS STORY: Justin J 6/8/20

    Pain in back and down legs when walking and standing. Most gone(85-90%), but some returns after walking and as the day progresses.

    SUCCESS STORY: Gay W 6/12/20

    Pain in right shoulder and lower back. Traction and treatment andadjustments have greatly reduced pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: Timothy B 6/5/20

    Most recently, my shoulders, arms and hands have been hurting me, making it difficult for me to sleep and do some tasks. Dr. Falk's adjustments help me move more freely, and I get better sleep. Also, having an occasional massage helps a LOT !

    SUCCESS STORY: Donna C 6/3/20

    I had right arm and shoulder pain with lots of tingling. It has improved dramatically. Most days I have no tingling at all.

    SUCCESS STORY: Crystal E 6/3/20

    Thanks, I feel so much better. Dr. Rob has helped me so much. I have more movement in my neck and has really helped my sinus's also. Sydny is a very good nurse.

    SUCCESS STORY: Faith A 6/2/20

    My problem was low back pain. The pain levels were between 7-8, and currently is between 3-4. I was experiencing sharp pains in buttocks and legs daily, but now it's sporadic.

    SUCCESS STORY: Tynisha M 6/2/20

    I was passing out at work and home. I was out of work for 3 months. I've been coming to Dr. Falk for a month and a half, and I'm not passing out anymore. I still have issues, but I am getting better. I am also taking CBD Oil, which is helping with my emotional state. I am so thankful for Dr. Falk. I'm so glad that my Mom thought of the idea of seeing a Chiropractor.

    SUCCESS STORY: Sheri T 5/29/20

    I have back, neck, hip and right shoulder pain. Dr. Falk has been working with me to strengthen my muscles and properly use the areas of pain. He is extremely professional, and educates you to a healthy, pain free life as your goal.

    SUCCESS STORY: Karen F 5/29/20

    My problem was pain in my lower back and neck. Doing the ice therapy and alignment, you helped me not have as much pain as I did when i made my first appointment.

    ​SUCCESS STORY: Chelci P. 5/20/20

    Low Back Pain. Dr. Rob always explains what is going on. All the staff are warm, inviting and helpful. Straight to the point and how to fix the issue! Massage was perfect!

    ​SUCCESS STORY: Phillip R. 5/18/20

    While getting laundry out of the dryer, I bent over wrong and pinched something in my lower back. After visiting Dr. Rob, I was able to move,sit, stand and walk without pain

    ​SUCCESS STORY: Elizabeth R. 5/18/20

    Round shoulders/Back pain ? Scolios is as a child.Exercises/Treatment/Massages have helped tremendously.

    ​SUCCESS STORY: Denise B. 5/18/20

    I was in an automobile accident and since I've been attending care under Dr. Rob, my pain has dropped. Thank you to him and his staff for the patience and care they give.

    SUCCESS STORY: Justin J 5/12/20

    When I first came to Dr. Falk, I could not move my head to the left at all, and very little to the right. Now much better.

    SUCCESS STORY: James H 5/11/20

    My problem was so much lower back and hip pain. My pain in my my lower back and hip have decreased greatly.

    SUCCESS STORY: Dorothy Z 5/11/20

    I came in with horrible left side back pain. Dr. Rob has been able toreduce the pain, and get me back to my daily routine.

    SUCCESS STORY: Matthew R 5/4/20

    Had a broken tail bone that caused other issues with my body, such as,my back guarding itself from the injury. The range of motion is muchbetter, less pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: Tabitha B 5/4/20

    Right shoulder pain, which has since treatment, diminished greatly. Thank you !!

    SUCCESS STORY: Tim B 3/25/20

    Extreme hip pain which was very uncomfortable. I was not able to sit or sleep well. Coming to Dr. Falk has given me much relief.

    SUCCESS STORY: Dorothy F 3/23/20

    I had TMJ problems; it even hurt to chew! My jaw is so much better, andI don't wake up w/headaches. I can chew without pain. Plus, my neck and shoulders feel much better!

    SUCCESS STORY: Donna C 3/20/20

    Peripheral neuropathy with drop foot and lower back pain. I can walk more without my braces. Back pain is gone at present. Still shakey when I have to stand with no support (cane)

    SUCCESS STORY: Mike G 3/23/20

    Low back pain following a motorcycle crash. Pain has been greatly decreased.

    SUCCESS STORY: David B 3/13/20

    Severe back, neck, arms and moderate leg pain. I couldn't reach, bend or turn my neck without pain. Last night I put a table together after work! Months ago I couldn't bend to help my son ride his bike. It also improved my mood and enjoyment of life.

    SUCCESS STORY: Brenda S 3/7/20

    When I first came to see Dr. Falk, I could not move my left knee very well, and both my hips had been replaced. By coming every week, I have been able to move so much better. I am so glad I've met Dr. Falk.

    SUCCESS STORY: Cheryl W 3/6/20

    Pain in back underneath the left shoulder blade. Pain has almost disappeared.

    SUCCESS STORY: Donna W 3/6/20

    I was having headaches every day from a fall I had, and hit my head against a post. Since Dr. Falk has been adjusting me, they have stopped completely.

    SUCCESS STORY: Jan W 3/6/20

    Have more mobility and has helped reduce pain in lower back and right leg.

    SUCCESS STORY: John R 3/5/20

    I've been going to Dr. Falk for quite a few years. I will never be100%, but by getting adjusted regularly, it does help me. It was especially a big help to see him and get the necessary help with therapy after a car accident. It had set me back, but eventually, I got better in time. I definitely believe in Chiropractic over being on medication.

    SUCCESS STORY: Cheryl M 3/4/20

    Pain and stiffness in the lumbar area. I was in constant discomfort. Since visits began in December, I have seen great improvement.

    SUCCESS STORY: Kevin L 3/3/20

    Increased mobility, and allowed me to resume a lot of activities I was not able to do when I started care.

    SUCCESS STORY: Julia G 3/2/20

    I had back shoulder and leg trouble/pain. Since I began treatment, my pain has decreased.

    SUCCESS STORY: Miriam C 2/28/20

    Sciatica - Left Side - Have not had any symptoms for two years.

    SUCCESS STORY: Val S 2/26/20

    My hips and shoulders really hurt. After visiting Dr. Falk for a few months, it is amazing that I can move my arms, legs, shoulders and hips with almost zero pain. Thank God for Dr. Falk and his advice.

    SUCCESS STORY: Willie H 2/25/20

    Lower Back, Hip right side, Neck, Wrist. The pain in my lower back and hip has been greatly reduced. The stiffness in my neck and wrist has also been reduced.

    SUCCESS STORY: Jason B 2/24/20

    Back pain and knee pain. Dr. Falk did a good job. I'm realizing the knee, back and hip is getting better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Gail T 2/21/20

    Hip pain, Back pain, Neck pain, and Immobility. Improved range of motion and mobility. Relieved constant pain that was intense all the time.

    SUCCESS STORY: Karen F 2/21/20

    I had lower back pain most likely due to my job in EMS. With Dr. Rob'shelp, my back pain is very minimal when I'm resting, and the pain is tolerable when at it's worst.

    SUCCESS STORY: Joshua K 2/21/20

    Pain in my lower back and right leg. I have seen some improvement, but it is slow. This was expected, knowing that my condition has been with me for a long time.

    SUCCESS STORY: Rick S 2/17/20

    Sciatica right side. Relieved pain and got me back to normal function.

    SUCCESS STORY: Joe T 2/14/20

    When first visiting, I was having trouble sleeping due to neck and back pain as a result of a car accident. I discovered I had whip lash.Since receiving care at Falk Chiropractic, I have experienced little to no pain. My neck never hurts, only stiffens while driving for long periods. My back rarely hurts above a 1, compared to a 9 when I first started treatment.

    SUCCESS STORY: Roxanna C 2/12/20

    Mid back/shoulder pain. No longer have as much, if any pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: Mickaylia E 2/10/20

    In my original visit, I was not able to sit due to a broken coccyx. Now I am able to sit in a normal chair.

    SUCCESS STORY: Tabitha B 2/5/20

    Was in pain 24/7. I could not sleep or sit very well. After coming here for treatment, I can sleep without the aid of sleeping pills. I am able to sit for a longer period of time. Feeling much better after attending this treatment.

    SUCCESS STORY: Dorothy F 2/4/20

    Was in pain 24/7. I could not sleep or sit very well. After coming here for treatment, I can sleep without the aid of sleeping pills. I am able to sit for a longer period of time. Feeling much better after attending this treatment.

    SUCCESS STORY: Dorothy F 2/4/20

    I had very painful TMJ, stiff neck and shoulder. ALL of that feels a good deal better, freer, less stiff. I can chew without pain. Yay!

    SUCCESS STORY: Donna CJ 2/5/20

    Shoulder & lower back. Pain in shoulder has greatly improved, and lower back is much more tolerable.

    SUCCESS STORY: Robert R 1/29/20

    Lack of mobility, but seeing Dr. Falk has improved that.

    SUCCESS STORY: Don H 2/4/20

    My problem was neck and right arm pain and tingling. The tingling has decreased about 90%, and the pain is getting less and less.

    SUCCESS STORY: Crystal E 2/3/20

    Peripheral neuropathy, drop foot and lower back pain. I am capable of walking more without my braces, muscles in knee area are getting strong,as well as calves. Lower back pain improving.

    SUCCESS STORY: Mike G 2/3/20

    I was in a motor vehicle accident, and injured my neck, back, shoulders,severe headaches and sore limbs. After receiving care from Dr Falk and Staff, I feel a lot better. They treat everyone the same, and I enjoyed and needed their treatment. Thanks.

    SUCCESS STORY: Henry B 2/3/20

    When I started coming to see Dr. Falk, I had a lot of neck, lower back pain, and frequent migraines! But since I started coming, I have not hardly had a headache or any pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: Sharon B 1/30/20

    Shoulder & lower back. Pain in shoulder has greatly improved, and lower back is much more tolerable.

    SUCCESS STORY: Robert R 1/29/20

    Sciatic nerve pain, neck pain, shoulder pain. I've been having pain relief thanks to adjustments and massage therapy.

    SUCCESS STORY: Samantha C - 1/29/20

    I had a fall and hit my head on a post. I was having headaches everyday, and pain in the neck. Now I don't have headaches, and my neck has less pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: Jane W - 1/27/20

    Has back pain in general - top to bottom. Regular maintenance with the chiropractor has improved my pain and mobility.

    SUCCESS STORY: Steven D - 1/24/20

    Neck, spinal pain, misalignment, osteoarthritis, joint, muscle and sciatica discomfort. Dr. Rob is helping with pain weekly with adjustments.

    SUCCESS STORY: Marsha B - 1/23/20

    Staff and Dr. Rob are amazing. It is the only doctors appointment I like going to! I love the way they make me feel.

    SUCCESS STORY: Angela H - 1/17/20

    Upper back pain. With the help of Dr. Rob and Staff, I have improved my quality of life.

    SUCCESS STORY: Justin W. 1/13/20

    When I get adjusted, it helps with my migraines.

    SUCCESS STORY: Selena S. 1/13/20

    Back pain/Headaches. Pain is almost completely gone, and headaches have become less frequent and painful.

    SUCCESS STORY: Abbey B 1/14/20

    Helping me get more movement/pain relief. Can tell a big difference.

    ​SUCCESS STORY: John R. 1/14/20

    I was having back, shoulder and wrist pain. the pain has decreased,and I feel great! Thanks

    ​SUCCESS STORY: Marvin C. 1/15/20

    Significant pain and discomfort in the lower back. Had a spinal fusion in1998. Medications nor radio frequency ablation helped. Dr. Falk, through Chiropractic Care, has significantly reduced my discomfort!

    SUCCESS STORY: Kevin L 1/15/20

    Lower Back. I have been able to re-align my spine and reduce the amount of pain I have on a day to day basis.

    ​SUCCESS STORY: Gary U. 1/16/20

    I had an issue with my sciatic nerve in my right leg to heel in August, that almost prevented me from hiking on a trip to Montana this past summer. After visits with Dr. Falk, he got me back in shape to enjoy the activities I love like hiking. I really enjoyed the "Special Report"Health presentation that Dr. Falk and Dr. Rob held. It gave us the motivation to improve our health, fitness and eating habits. I have lost 24 lbs since October, and plan to continue to live a healthy lifestyle and get back into shape. Thank you!

    SUCCESS STORY: Kevin F. 1/22/20

    Pain in hips, headaches. Taking Advil every day. NOW - No Advil. Posture and Balance off...Now I feel like my posture is a lot better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Toni S 1/22/20

    Headaches - Haven't had near as many. Lower back is feeling better.Shoulders and neck get tight but get relief. After an adjustment - my whole body feels like everything is together, great feeling, eases

    SUCCESS STORY: Phyllis K 1/21/20

    Low back pain and weakness. Got it working again, and I couldn't be happier.

    SUCCESS STORY: Jeff H 1/20/20

    My problem was TMJ pain really terrible. I can chew so much more comfortably now. You helped me sleep better, have fewer sharp pains during the day, and eat with less dread of pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: Donna J. 1/8/20

    Unable to have range of motion of my left shoulder. Now able to move left shoulder without pain.

    SUCCESS STORY: Darlene T. 1/7/20

    Constant lower back pain. With lower back adjustments my quality of life as an Horry County Police Officer has greatly improved - Thanks to Falk Family Chiropractic!

    SUCCESS STORY: Adam T. 1/7/20

    Working in Law Enforcement has been overwhelming on my overall health the past couple of years. Prior to Law Enforcement, I have never had muscular/skeletal issues. Having almost 20 extra pounds on my waist and torso has destroyed my upper and lower back, making normal every day life off duty almost intolerable some days due to the pain. Ever since getting chiropractic care, the back/neck pain has reduced tremendously.I'm so thankful to have this place as an outlet to cease my pain. The Staff here is awesome, friendly and makes the visit so much more comfortable and relaxing.

    SUCCESS STORY: Amber K. 1/6/20

    I have gotten better, no injections in 2 1/2 yrs.

    SUCCESS STORY: Joann B. 1/6/20

    The staff are very kind and friendly and makes you feel at home. Dr.Rob is very personable and really cares about your treatment to lessen pain and align your spine to walk straighter.

    SUCCESS STORY: Gerald P. 1/5/20

    I was unable to raise my arm and since treatment, I was able to play basketball for the first time in over a year.

    SUCCESS STORY: Robert R. 12/26/19

    My issues dealt with pain in my neck; above my right shoulder blade, my right arm and elbow. Now everything feels so much better, and my arm no longer throbs constantly. I am able to sleep now.

    SUCCESS STORY: Michelle R. 12/20/19

    I had serious back pain from Scoliosis, and after treatments and recommendations from Dr. Falk, the back pain has decreased dramatically.

    SUCCESS STORY: Gunter J. 12/20/19

    My pain has dramatically improved since starting here.

    SUCCESS STORY: Ben R. 12/20/19

    I was having severe pain in my neck, right shoulder and down my right arm. My range of motion and pain level has improved a considerable amount.

    SUCCESS STORY: Crystal E. 12/17/19

    Was in a car accident and came here for eval, after only to find how out of wack I had put my body in. Now I have better movement in my shoulders that I did not have, and lower back pain has decreased greatly.

    SUCCESS STORY: Teri W. 12/13/19

    Severe lower back pain & neck stiffness were my problems, and I've experienced great progress since beginning my treatment.

    SUCCESS STORY: Harvey K. 12/4/19

    After treatment for neck pain, it has been very successful.

    SUCCESS STORY: Melton D. 12/4/19

    Had back and shoulder/neck pain and headaches. With treatment, the pain and headaches have lessened.

    SUCCESS STORY: Christina B. 12/4/19

    Peripheral neuropathy with drop foot and low back pain. I am able to walk more without my braces and my lower back is improving.

    SUCCESS STORY: Mike G. 12/13/19

    I was experiencing pain in my neck, trapezious area, mid back and lower back. Due to the pain, I was unable to drive great distances, had difficultly sleeping, and experienced frequent headaches. Since receiving treatment, my headaches have improved, and sleeping way better. My overall pain as decreased greatly as well.

    SUCCESS STORY: Roxanna C. 12/11/19

    I began care with severe neck and shoulder pain. the care I have received has helped improve my knowledge and overall well being.

    SUCCESS STORY: Amy B. 12/11/19

    Knee pain - received Regenerative Medicine in the office. Knees seem to be getting better each week.

    SUCCESS STORY: Norman A. 12/11/19

    My foot is paralyzed. Dr. Falks adjustments are helping me walk better.

    SUCCESS STORY: David R. 12/10/19

    Back pain from fall and neck stiffness. Eliminated back pain and reduced neck stiffness.

    SUCCESS STORY: Lex S. 11/26/19

    Didn't realize I had a problem till I was Xrayed @ Falk's & he showed me I had major problems with my neck, pelvis, back and legs. I thought it was just part of aging and basic wear, but once he started adjusting me,I had improvement with all the above.

    SUCCESS STORY: James H. 11/25/19

    I am pain free. I have no problems at all. I am glad I came here.

    SUCCESS STORY: Ana H. 11/22/19

    Lower back pain. Flexibility and activity greatly improving.

    SUCCES STORY: Nick B 11/22/19

    Head on collison. Ya'll helped me get back to moving my arm, and went from horrible pain all the time to almost none.

    SUCCESS STORY: Lisa T. 11/20/19

    I have been in pain for over 20 years, since a car accident when I was a kid. I couldn't do anything without feeling the pain radiate down my legs. I didn't think these chiropractic treatments would help. I was so wrong. I feel so much better. I no longer have to take medication on a daily basis. I rarely have to take any for back, neck and hip pain. I am so thankful for Dr. Falk and all of his Staff.

    SUCCESS STORY: Peggy F 11/19/19

    My problem was neck pain, arm pain (right), and very limited range of motion. My pain has decreased some, and my range of motion has increased a good bit.

    SUCCESS STORY: Crystal E 11/13/19

    My ability to walk more without my braces is improving.

    SUCCESS STORY: Mike G 11/13/19

    I had cervical pain radiating down my arm. Having adjustments solved my problem.

    SUCCESS STORY: Lillian G 11/12/19

    Neck and back pain. After just a few weeks, the pain had gotten tremendously better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Charles D 11/11/19

    Walking - Can walk without pain. Walking has increased.

    SUCCESS STORY: Judy T 11/8/19

    Bad back/hip. I can walk and stand straight again!

    SUCCESS STORY: Ed C 11/7/19

    Constant stiffness/discomfort in neck and back are better. - Posture became better - Pain and stiffness decreased.

    SUCCESS STORY: Keith F 11/6/19

    My arm and shoulder is much improved, and the nerve that was running down my left leg is better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Sara J 11/6/19

    Neck and low back pain, Both are feeling better.

    SUCCESS STORY: Linda C 11/5/19

    Back and neck pain. Neck feels a lot better. Better posture.

    SUCCESS STORY: Kayla D 11/4/19

    My lower back issues have greatly improved. Shoulder pain has been minimal as well.

    SUCCESS STORY: Colleen C 11/4/19

    The issue I had was tightness in my neck, back and shoulders. Coming to Dr. Stinson has helped me perform better at work and in the gym.

    SUCCESS STORY: Josh B 11/1/19

    My problem was extreme neck and back pain. Each visit gives me a lot of relief.

    SUCCESS STORY: Jan S 10/29/19

    I was having lots of low back pain, and ya'll have straightened out my back.

    SUCCESS STORY: Stacey B 10/28/19

    My back pain has eased up tremendously. I am very fortunate to have found Falk Chiropractic.

    SUCCESS STORY: Barbara M 10/25/19

    I was suffering from back pain and a lot of tightness. Right after my car accident, it was very difficult for me to move my neck and even my entire body. The treatments have helped me get back on my feet and feel better again.

    SUCCESS STORY: John T 10/25/19

    Neck pain, hip pain, lower back pain. Now feeling better all over.

    SUCCESS STORY Allen K 10/23/19

    I have felt improvement with Dr. Falk's treatments. My strength has increased, enabling me greater walking distance and stamina.

    SUCCESS STORY Jerry D 10/16/19

    Extreme joint pain. Gradually less intense, given good advice on positioning, nutrition and vitamin treatment.

    SUCCESS STORY Karen F 10/16/19

    Drop foot and back pain. I seem to be able to walk more with out my braces, also, my back pain is getting better.

    SUCCESS STORY Mike G 10/16/19

    Neck was hurting. Treatment has worked very well.

    SUCCESS STORY Melton D 10/15/19

    Mu neck stiffness/stuckness is significantly reduced. I can drive much easier and look both ways! Halleuyah !

    SUCCESS STORY Connie J 10/10/19

    My problem was neck and back pain. You help me feel better. No more pain.

    SUCCESS STORY George G 10/8/19

    Back, leg, neck, shoulder pain. Dr. Rob helped get every sore, knick and cranny he can find. I feel so much better since I first came in,and the staff made me feel like home.

    SUCCESS STORY Tasha W 10/7/19

    I had extreme mid back pain, to the point that I could barely hold my child. Now, it is very manageable and I enjoy my time with my family.

    SUCCESS STORY Justin W 10/7/19

    Arm, leg and back pain, mainly on the right side, was causing problems in my daily life. After my first adjustment, I was able to move and function in ways I hadn't in years. I am able to live an almost pain free life now.

    SUCCESS STORY Kendra F 10/7/19

    Started to seek care with Dr. Falk after I fell, breaking my tail bone.After my first adjustment, the bone was put back in place, and now I'm somewhat able to sit.

    SUCCESS STORY Tabitha B 10/7/19

    Back and knee pain. You have helped alleviate the pain, and showed me ways to avoid pain in the future. ( Posture, Sitting, Sleeping Positions, Exercises, etc. )

    SUCCESS STORY Mark G 9/27/19

    Lower back and hips. Frequency of pain has definitely decreased since coming here.

    SUCCESS STORY Ben R 9/25/19

    My hips hurt. I could barley squat. Now after Dr. Falk explained my pain, showed and demonstrated a few exercises to be done daily, I have no pain, but more flexability!

    SUCCESS STORY William H 9/24/19

    Car accident. While still in pain, Dr. Rob is helping with movement.Increasing visits is helping a lot, along with neck and back pillows.

    SUCCESS STORY Jane C 9/24/19

    Car wreck. Shoulder, Knee, Leg. I can now move shoulder without pain,back problem has decreased.

    SUCCESS STORY Lisa T 9/24/19​

    I had what I thought was sciatica. It is a disc issue, pressing on my leg nerve. I have been going 3 times a week. I followed the exercise program and iced frequently. The adjustments, ice and exercise are working quite well.

    SUCCESS STORY Annette B 9/23/19

    Lower back was hurting. Could not bend or stand in one place for too long or sleep. Ever since my treatment, I'm able to bend and stand good and sleep better.

    SUCCESS STORY Victor L 9/18/19

    I don't know how I managed before Dr. Falk! My range of motion has improved by 60 - 70%. I have cut my pain medicine by at least 50%.Migraines have decreased; Sciatica is a thing of the past! I will always keep coming to Falk Family Chiropractic.

    SUCCESS STORY Debbie Z 9/18/19

    Lower back was hurting. Could not bend or stand in one place for too long or sleep. Ever since my treatment, I'm able to bend and stand good and sleep better.

    SUCCESS STORY Victor L 9/18/19

    Back pain - Less Pain. I feel so much better!

    SUCCESS STORY Barbara G 9/18/19

    Helped my flexibility. Helped my stiffness.

    SUCCESS STORY Jason P 9/17/19

    Lower back and neck stiffness. Back seems to be getting a little more flexible. I can turn my head more easily now.

    SUCCESS STORY Jeff H 9/16/19

    Lower back and neck pain. Through adjustments feeling better.

    SUCCESS STORY Brent A 9/16/19

    Sciatic nerve pain. I feel like a new person. I can walk, sit and stand up straight with no pain!

    SUCCESS STORY Judy S 9/16/19

    Lower back and unable to straighten up to walk. Spiking pain down rightleg. I am close to pain free.

    SUCCESS STORY Sam Y 9/13/19

    When I scheduled my first appointment, I was having constant hip pain.Twelve visits later, I feel little to no discomfort.

    SUCCESS STORY Paul M 9/11/19

    On July 21, 2019, I broke my tail bone and was not able to sit. After the first visit, I was able to sit in a seat and feel the bone back in its correct location.

    SUCCESS STORY Tabitha B 9/11/19

    Pain in lower back and down back of legs while standing and walking. Both back and leg pain has improved. Pool exercise has helped also. Hope to get to point where standing and walking are pain free.

    SUCCESS STORY Wallace G 9/11/19

    I have always had pain in my upper back, neck and shoulders for as long as I can remember. Regular visits with Dr. Rob and Susan for Massage eliminate all my pain!

    SUCCESS STORY Natalie W 9/11/19

    My neck and shoulders no longer hurt or cause me pain.

    SUCCESS STORY Dawn H 9/9/19

    I was in constant misery. You gave me back a piece of my life.

    SUCCESS STORY Ed C 9/9/19

    Neck pain much better. Sleeping better.

    Success Story Lee R 9/6/19

    Neck Pain has gotten better with each treatment.

    Success Story Melton D 9/6/19

    Joint pain (knees); couldn't pivot, move heavier objects w/foot. Couldn't stand even a short period of time without pain. Walking up o rdown stairs caused pain. Lifting heavy objects was very painful. Was unable to stand on one foot to put on socks or shoes without pain.STEM CELL injections has drastically improved my pain to non-existent in many of the above cases......Excellent Improvement to date.

    SUCCESS STORY Norman A 9/5/19

    Stomach - Hiatal Hernia - It is so much better. I can eat now without feeling so full. Back and posture both are improving.

    Success Story Sandra C 9/4/19

    Stem Cell and PRP Injection for Hip pain. I have less pain...YAY!

    Success Story Darlene R 9/3/19

    Back pain since 20 yrs old. My chiropractic sessions have relieved 50 years of neglect. 

    Success Story David S 8/29/19

    I am able to sit for longer periods of time without hurting. I can do more lifting when I'm in the gym. 

    Success Story Nicole G 8/23/19

    I was involved in a car wreck and got whiplash, that caused a lot of neck and back pain. Dr. Rob re-adjusted my neck and back. Now I can move with out hurting. 

    Success Story Ashley B 8/5/19

    Lower/mid back pain helped by getting me rapid treatment, that wasdirected toward my problem to relieve my pain and improve my overall jobperformance. The staff is very kind and excellent, highly recommend. 

    Success Story Brianna B 8/7/19

    Since treatment began I'm feeling much better. Dr. Falk has brought my activity level up without my pain increasing. I've felt much improvement in my back pain. 

    Success Story Colleen C 7/2/19

    Sciatica was my main complaint. I have experience great relief with this issue, as well as extreme tightness in shoulders and neck. Headaches have decreased as well. 

    Success Story Tonya W 8/7/19

    I have been seeing Dr. Falk for almost a year now, and every visit makes me feel better and better. 

    I am still not taking pain meds. My weekly visit is very good for my body. 

    Success Story Shirley S 7/29/19

    My lower back pain has improved immensly. Dr. Falk has helped me improve things I wasn't even aware of. My posture has also become better. 

    Success Story Whitney W 7/31/19

    My headaches are almost completely gone

    Success Story: Terry M 7/24/19

    Lower back pain becoming more intermittent

    Success Story: David H 7/24/19

    Six weeks ago I was in constant pain and could barely walk. I could not raise my right arm above my shoulder. Now I have periods of pain-free time which I greatly appreciate, and my mobility is much improved. I am dong more moderate exercise and enjoying it. Hoping to be pain-free soon.

    Success Story: David G 7/19/19

    I have been going to chiropractors for 15 ys. Dr. Falk is the best, hands down. 

    Success Story: Wanda C 7/17/19

    I was able to get off of a headache medicine that wasn't changing anything for me. Now, I have minimal pain and don't have to take any medication. 

    Success Story: Randi T 7/18/19

    Since I started getting the adjustments, I am able to do more without asmuch pain. I am very appreciative of everything you guys are doing. Ithelps so much. 

    Success Story: Rochelle D. - 7/19/19

    Decreased pain. Improved Sleep.

    Success Story: Chris W. - 7/12/19

    Been seeing Dr. Rob since April 2019. Pinch nerve went away. Can benddown without pain. Still experiencing stiffness when I'm standing, butoverall I'm great! 

    Success Story: Brittney J.- 7/10/19

    Dr. Falk has helped me with my pain in my knee, back, neck and feet. Ifeel a lot better after he adjusts me. 

    Success Story: Cheryl W. - 7/9/19

    Treatments w/Dr. Falk and Massage Therapist Susan have changed myoverall health and outlook on life. Being able to be more active w/lesspain is a blessing to me. These two work together for their patients toachieve a healthy lifestyle and movement w/less pain.

    Success Story: Marcia S - 7/9/19

    I am thankful I came to the office. My sciatica was so bad, I couldbarely stand, sit or find any comfortable position. I have greatlyimproved. All the staff are always so helpful and a joy. I trulyrecommend you visit. 

    Success Story: Tonya W. - 7/8/19

    My pain in back and in my legs have shown a real good improvement. 

    Success Story: Frances L. - 7/8/19

    Since I started coming, Dr. Rob has aligned my right hip and leg, andable to walk with less pain and tripping. 

    Success Story: Jerry P. - 7/7/19

    My shoulders do not hurt and ache as much during sleep.

    Success Story: William H. - 7/1/19

    Although some pain is still present, I can honestly say I do feel better. I am more cautious/aware of my posture, certain movements, and standing stance. Glad I seeked help before my issues got out of hand.

    Success Story: Kemberly G - 6/12/19

    Dr. Falk's efforts on my behalf are definitely helping. My lower back tenderness is nearly non-existent, and my neck posture and pain have improved. I do believe that full recovery to my pre-accident condition is possible. 

    Success Story: Jeremy E 6/14/19

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