Dr. Robert Stinson, DC, BS

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Robert Stinson received his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta, Ga. He received his undergraduate training in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. While pursuing his chiropractic studies, Dr. Stinson began focused studies on structural correction through the CBP protocol.

Dr. Stinson received post-doctorate training in pediatric care through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

He provided healthcare for the masses of Hispanola for a week before opening office in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Spent most of my time in Haiti helping them recover from the massive earthquake that hit them one year earlier.

He practiced in Trujillo, Peru as well as Santiago, Dominican Republic before returning to the states to adjust patients in South Carolina in practices in Beaufort, North Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet.

Linda Koretic

Community Coordinator

I enjoy working at Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness for 3 specific reasons: – Having a previous Medical background, I appreciate the vital role Natural Health & Wellness plays concerning one’s Life & Longevity – Everyone we serve are not just patients, but Family to us. We are committed in seeing you reach your maximum health potential. – We offer ‘Healthy Living Workshops’ monthly for anyone to attend. I know from many years of experience, that a well informed and educated patient is a ‘Healthy’ patient. That choice is yours & mine!