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The following resources have been assembled to provide you with more chiropractic wellness care information available on the internet.

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Benefits of CBD oil laid out
CBD Oil benefits
CBD helped David Wells
Matt & Julia City & Sea CBD
Rich Hemp Oil
CBD Oil – Life Enthusiast


Manuka Honey
Manuka Honey


Gluc – Dr. Axe
Gluc – Dr. Mecola
Arthritic Reversal (Bergman)
Cluc-Chond review

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue
Adrenals (Bergman)
(Dr. Rostenberg)


For the Love of Water
A gallon of water a day
10 benefits to drinking water
If you didn’t drink water  
10 reasons to drink water
Alcohol and your brain  
Your Brain on Water
Your Body’s Many Cries for Water  
Dr. Batmanghelidj, MD


Chiropractic Adj for Headaches
Headache (cervicogenic) and Chiropractic
Headaches – Mechanical & Nutritional Causes
Headache Remedies – Top 11 (Josh Axe)
Headaches 101: Tension Headaches
Severe Vertigo & Equilibrium
Vertigo: How to fix vertigo dizziness 5 things to check - upper cervical care
Reverse Curve – Chronic Headache Update
How to Restore Cervical Curve
Got a H/A?  F4CP
Doctors – chiro for Neck Pain & headaches
2 Sleeping positions to avoid
Improve Health with right sleeping position
Car Accident – chiro

Mens Health

John Bergman
3 Killers of Men’s Health
Protate Health (Bergman)
Dr. Bob’s ½ hour to helath – men’s
Dr. hon DeWitt – Mens Health

Gut Health

Leaky Gut/Leaky Brain
The Truth About Gluten
Why Gluten is bad for your health


Microwarriors (trailer)
Dr. Van Den Boer
Probiotics Latest Research
Probiotic Playlist
Microwarriors–Special Edition
Probiotics – Germs that are Good for You
Probiotics / Good Bacteria for Gut Health


John Bergman
8 remedies
What causes Sciatica
Key Factors (Bob & Brad) 
Best Sleeping (Bob&Brad)
Spinal Sublux explained
Dr Ehrols Sciaitica tx
Chronic LBP (Canada)

James Chestnut

Wellness&Prevention Paradigm
Feed Your Genes: Express your Health & Performance Potential
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10

Ketogenic Diet

David Purlmutter
Protein on Keto-diet
Mike (Bergman)-ketogenic diet
Dr. Miller – eat sat fats
Reverse obesity and DM
Amazing Benefits of LCHF
Dr Shalin Bhat – LCHF


Blake Bowman
Dr. Eric Goodman
Esther Gokhale
Scott Donkin

Chiropracic and Children

Pediatric Chiropractic Care
ADHA Chiropracitc Neurology
Chiropractic & ADHD
Cervical Chiro for Babies
Baby Lucas’s torticollis story
Child head trauma fixed
Explaining Chiro to Children
Have great Preg with chiro
Health Parents = Healthy Kids

CBD documentary

Primemybody – CBD oil
CBD full story pt 2
BBC CBD documentary
CBD Chronic Pain
How CBD help my pain
Why I changed my mind on cannabis


Intermittant Fasting for Weight Loss
Eat, Fast, & live Longer
The Science of Fasting
Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day
One Meal at a Time: Sherry Long
Why fasting Bolsters Brain Power


Beginners Guide to Adaptogens
Top 9 Adaptogenic Herbs
Dr. Axe – 8 Adaptogen Herbs
Ashwagandha’s 11 helath benefits
Facts About Ashwaganda (Mercola)
Health Benefits of Ashwagandha
58 Benefits of Turmeric
Take Turmeric this way
Everything you want to know about Turmeric
Ashwagandha – The Conplete Herbal Guide


Battery Recycling
Paper Recycling
Recycling Plastic Bags
Glass Recycling
Plastic Tide – ocean rescue
Waste Diversion – recycling for sustainable Development

Artificial Sweeteners & Processed Foods

Splenda & Sucralose
Absurd ways Splenda is Decieving You
Effect of Sucralose on the Microbiome
Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World
Aspartame: The BGitter Truth

Skin Health

John Bergman - Skin Health
John Bergman Skin Problems
Skin Cancer w/Dr. Mike
How Sunscreen could be causing Skin Cancer - Not Skin Health
Sunscreen Q&A with Dermatologist
Do the Sun’s Rays Really Cause Skin Cancer?
The Sun Doent Cause Skin Cancer, but Sunscreen Does
Is yopu Sunscreen Killing Coral?
Beautycounter Sunscreen
Beautycounter Suncreen Spray
Reefs at Risk – Is your sunscreen killing the reefs?

Fascia Videos

The mysterious world under the skin
Thomas Myers – Why Does Massage Hurt
Dr. Helene Langevin: The Science of Stretch
Anatomy Trains – Thomas Myers full interview
What is fascia?  Animation
Fascia & The Mystery of Chronic Pain – Dana Sterlin
The Truth about Fascia
Connective Tissues – Crash Course A&P 4
Types of Connective Tissues – Crash Course A&P 5

Stem Cell Videos

Knee Replacement vs stem cells
Stem cells – beyond the headlines
Stem Cells in Chronic Dx/s
Stem Cell Therapy, a rising tide (book review)
COPD Stem Cell therapy


Dancer experience with PRP
PRP Animation
PRP Injection Demonstration
PRP Therapy: Q & A session:
Benefits of PRP for Facial Tx
PRP for Athletes
PRP for Athletic injuries
PRP injections for injuries News 12
PRP for Meniscus tear
Rotator cuff helped with atem cells
PRP therapy procedure
PRP for labrum tear
PRP procedure animation
PRP treating injuries
PRP for plantar Fasciaitis
PRP Video
Grow back hair with PRP
Vampire Facial
PRP Therapy – testimonials
PRP basic science
What is PRP


Why Low Salt Stresses the Body
How LOW salt makes you Gain Fat
Low Sodiums Link to Fat Gain & Insulin Resistance
Dr James DiNicolantonio benefits of salt on Blood Pressure & Health
How Stuff Works: Salt
Is Your Salt Real?
Real vs Himalayan vs Celtic Salt
The Miracle Healing of pink himalyan salt
5 foods high in potassium that aren't bananas
salt more valuable than gold
salt are you getting enough


Sam-e (David Toman)
SAM-e for Depression
SAM-e (Daniel Amen)
Benefits of SAM-e
SAM-e depression user
Sam Cycle
SAM-e – What does the evidence say?
SAM-e Supplement for Anxiety/depression

Activated Charcoal

4 Reasons to take Activated Charcoal
What is Activated Charcoal?
What is Activated Charcoal and why should I want it?
Benefits of Activated Charcoal (Dr. Axe)
The Ultimate Guide to Activated Charcoal
Explained by Nerds – Science of Activated Charcoal
Natural Remidies for Bug bites, flu, infection – activated Charcoal

Vitamin Infusions

High dose Vit C & Its benefits:
Vitamin Fix:
Vitamin IV therapy
Vitamin IV’s
IV Vitamins for energy and anti-aging
Vitamin infusion
Using IV cocktail – several ailments
Vitamin IV Drip at Clean Mkt
Glutathione Benefits
Treating Coronal Virus with Vit C
Vit B12 deficiency
Vit D deficiency and Treatment
Vit D ‘Sweet Spot’
Vitamin D injection
Tiffany Tries IV Cocktail
B12 energy shot
Do B12 Injections help with weight loss
Myers Cocktail & Glutathione infusions support energy prod & detox
Forget Vitamins, Think IV Nutrient therapy
IV drip therapy growing in popularity
Naturapathic Physician Discusses IV Vitamin Therapy
Vitamin iV Therapy Explained

Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone Therapy?
Ozone Therapy
The Basics of Ozone Therapy
Alison Eastwood experiences Ozone Therapy
My experience with Ozone therapy for joint problems
Pain Management with Dr. Frank Shallenberger
Pioneers in Health Care – Dr. Frank Shallenberger
Benefits of Ozone Therapy with Dr. Howard Liebowitz

Cholesterol Myth

Dr. Jonny Bowden "The Great Cholesterol Myth"
Cholesterol Myths, Statins & Sugar – Glyn Wainwright
David Diamond- Demonization and Deception in Cholesterol Research
Statin Wars
What if Everything you Learned About Cholesterol was a Lie
Dr. Johnny Bowden “the Great Cholesterol Myth”
Hidden Cause of Vit D deficiency
14 Signs of Vit D deficiency
“D”is for Debacle – The Crucial Story of Vit – D
Corona Virus and Vit D
Vitamin D Sunshine vitamin – putting all together


Get Rid of Heartburn Fast
Benefits of papaya enzymes
Dr. Berg Explains enzymes
Stop diarrhea & constipation after GB Removal
John Bergman – Digestion
Digestive Disorders Health Rant
Gallbladder Problems and Solutions
Vitamins to take without a GB
What to do after GB Surgery
Papaya Health Benefits and Properties
Enzymes: the Key to Optimal Health

Pregnancy and Chiro

How can preg women benefit from chiropractic
Chiropractic care for pregnant moms and newborns
Chiropractic Is a Good Idea During and After Pregnancy
Can Pregnant pts benefit – chiro care
Chiro & Pregnancy
Preg and Chiro – Home Stretches
Preg women deserve chiro care
Chiro Care & Pregnancy

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