Chiropractic Assistants

  • Linda Koretic
    Community Coordinator
    I enjoy working at Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness for 3 specific reasons: - Having a previous Medical background, I appreciate the vital role Natural Health & Wellness plays concerning one's Life & Longevity - Everyone we serve are not just patients, but Family to us. We are committed in seeing you reach your maximum health potential. - We offer 'Healthy Living Workshops' monthly for anyone to attend. I know from many years of experience, that a well informed and educated patient is a 'Healthy' patient. That choice is yours & mine!
  • Tammy Trance
    Billing Manager
    After working in the legal field for over 25 years, I decided to venture out and change my profession to something that would enable me to use the skills I learned during this time, but yet something different and fulfilling. I studied and obtained my license to sell health insurance, but soon realized it wasn't selling that excited me, but instead helping people to understand insurance benefits and obtaining the maximum from their policies. I started with a small chiropractic office 8 years ago in Charleston and worked with a wonderful couple where I learned the 'ins and outs' of insurance billing. After moving to Conway, I continued to work with them from my home office until they sold their business. I had been fortunate enough to meet Dr. Falk prior to that time and was familiar with his practice. I was impressed with both the doctors and staff from the first time I entered the building and soon realized I would like to be a part of this team who cares for their patients like family members. I enjoy meeting our patients and helping obtain positive results for everyone. While it is a job that requires being meticulous - something I learned in the legal field - it is a job I thoroughly enjoy! It is a pleasure for me to come to work each day knowing I am part of this wonderful team that helps every patient in our own special way.
  • Ina Falk

    I was retired and wanted a job helping people. I'm originally from New Jersey, and worked for a construction company managing their office. I also sold Real Estate for over 20 years. I am passionate about natural health, diet and exercise to maintain my maximum health potential

    What I like about our office, is that everyone's health we take seriously. Our main goal is helping people attain their maximum health benefit naturally. The body does heal itself. I am so happy to be able to help people achieve their best health potential through many options available to them through our office, and the results seen.

  • Mary M. McNeill
    Billing Assistant

    I grew up hanging around the Nursing Home where both my mother and grandmother worked as nurses. I learned early on how important caring for patients and their families can be to a community. Years of working in customer service has taught me the art of listening, and making sure you get all the correct information. I took my customers service training and started working in the medical field in registration. I learned about coding and insurances, and now an even bigger step learning to take chiropractic xrays.

    I really enjoy working with people and helping to explain the complex world of medical insurance.

  • Sydny Howell

    I was born and raised here in Horry County. I enjoy anything outdoors, and love to explore every chance I get. 

    I enjoy being a positive part in helping our patients live a pain free life! I enjoy seeing the progress from appointment to appointment that our patient make. I love that we help them get back to their normal lives.

  • Belle Gathers

    When I'm not at work, I enjoy planting in my free time. That's my life. I enjoy reading and in depth conversations. I love music and I plan on starting my own Organic Produce business. 

    I've always enjoyed helping others. It's amazing to be able to learn and help assist Dr. Falk on improving patients health and their everyday living. I'm blessed to be able to work for a holistic practice, and able to learn and have access to natural medicine.

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