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We love to hear from our patients! Please share with us how well you are doing with chiropractic care. Download and fill out the following form -----> Then save it with your name and e-mail it to us at

Success Survey

We value our patients' experience at Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

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"Dr. Falk and Staff have been fantastic. My pain has decreased, and I actually look forward to my adjustment. I love that education is important to this practice, not just Chiropractic, but overall Health and Well-Being. Thanks you....."

Success Story T Mitchell 5/11/18

"My acid reflux is gone. No more medication. I am sleeping through the night with no back pain 90% of the time. My arm movement is almost back to normal. Neck movement is so much better in range, and in the amount of pain felt."

Success Story: Sherri A 4/3/18

"Dr. Falk has helped me with my knee pain. I have more movement since I have seen him. 5 yrs. ago, he has helped my back also."

Success Story: Cheryl W 4/12/18

"My right shoulder, right wrist, and neck do not hurt like they did when I first sought treatment. I have less headaches, less pain in my knee and hip joints. I am hoping I can get back to doing things like I used to before I hurt so much. Thank you Dr. Falk."

Success Story: Marcia F. 4/13/18

"When I came to Dr. Falk, I had lower back pain and sleepless nights. Now, I sleep well, no more back pain, just other things that tied in with poor posture, and looking forward to continue on the right tack to a healthier me."

Success Story: Ivy H 4/17/18

"Dr. Rob has taken my pain level from 10 to 3. I have better range of motion, and my sleep has improved due to less pain. I have only attended one Health Report, but it was extremely beneficial."

Success Story: Jane C 4/19/18

"Since I started coming to the Chiropractor, my back has really improved."

Success Story: Timothy W 4/20/18

"I feel great! After all the sessions I've had, the pain is gone. It's been quite a success story. I appreciate Dr. Rob and the staff for doing such a great professional and caring job."

Success Story Erik W 4/5/18

"My acid reflux is gone. No more medicine. I am sleeping through the night with no back pain 90% of the time. My arm movement is almost back to normal. Neck movement is so much better in range, and in the amount of pain felt."

Success Story Sherri A 4/3/18

"Doing great! It has improved my life so much better, I feel like I can move more when I am doing sports."

Success Story Faith A 4/3/18

"Nothing really lowered my pain levels, but Dr. Falk has made a noticeable difference in my range of motion, and flexibility. I will really miss his attention to detail while I'm gone this summer. Thanks to you all!"

Success Story Don H 4/3/18

"Over the past 15 yrs., Dr. Falk has healed my frozen shoulder with 3 months of adjustments. He has adjusted my R foot, and decreased the pain so that I can walk farther. Regarding the above, my MD's recommended surgery for both the frozen shoulder and plantar fascitis. I came to Dr. Falk instead. When I have consistent headaches or my R pelvis and lower back goes out of place, Dr. Falk's adjustments either abolish the pain or make it tolerable to I do not need medication."

Success Story Elizabeth W 3/27/18

"Thank you Dr. Rob for your continued concern for my well being. You have realigned my spinal column, and have kept it aligned so I can now function. My life has become so much better."

Success Story James W 3/20/18

"Dr. Stinson is a very caring person and understands my pain. He knows every technique available to make me feel great again."

Success Story Pat S 3/19/18

"I have an eye disease, and have been currently seeking treatment at Duke University since 2003. Since coming to Falk Family Chiropractic and Wellness, my eyes have improved, and I have not had to receive injections for over 5 months now."

Success Story JoAnn B 3/19/18

"Dr. Falk is a miracle worker. I flew off a motorcycle and could not walk. He was able to manipulate my pelvis to it's original state. Now I can walk with no pain. His staff is friendly and efficient. Best Chiropractor I have ever used. Highly recommend."

Success Story Anonymous 3/19/18

"Aches and pains in legs are gone, knees much better. No more headaches."

Success Story Frank M 3/16/18

"Overall, I am feeling much better. I have been able to decrease, substantially, the use of a prescription drug for heart burn. Back pain has reduced."

Success Story Lee S 3/2/18

"Since July 2017 I am much better. Regular Chiropractic visits has made a drastic change in my crooked spine. Now Maintenance is Key to lessening my pain."

Success Story Nora W 3/5/18

"Severe pain in my shoulders has been greatly reduced with adjustments. Pain in left shoulder is mostly gone."

Success Story Rochell B 2/26/18

"I've been going to Orthopedic Doctor for 2 years with unbearable pain in both hips. I've had numerous shots and pain medication, but nothing worked. I've been coming to Dr. Falk since January 10, 2018, and I am now pain free."

Success Story Tammie B 2/26/18

"In the 4 weeks I have had with Falk Family Chiropractic Care, my condition has improved greatly. There is now hope where I thought I would never have a day without pain. It's my miracle. My quality of life is improving daily. I know getting well is possible now."

Success Story Brittie J 2/23/18

"Dr. Rob and Susan have been absolute angels! My lower back doesn't hurt on a daily basis anymore. I'm so happy and hopeful they can fix my neck."

Success Story Stacy B 2/23/18

"The pain in my leg is half of what is was. I breathe better when I stoop over. My shoulders are not completely well, but much better."

Success Story Ernestine A. 2/21/18

"I can stretch full length in bed with no pain anywhere!"

Success Story Alexa H 2/14/18

"When the weather is cold and raining I have a bad day, but I've noticed a lot less pain in my feet. I'm having more good day then bad."

Success Story Judy D 2/14/18

"Dr. Falk - you made me feel like a new person. My back is so much better."

Success Story Sara W 2/12/18

"When I first came to Dr. Falk, I was sitting crooked, my lower back was killing me, and my right wrist was in pain. After 2 months of treatment, I no longer have wrist pain, I'm not sitting crooked, and my back pain is less painful."

Success Story Elvonda S 2/12/18

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