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We love to hear from our patients! Please share with us how well you are doing with chiropractic care. Download and fill out the following form -----> Then save it with your name and e-mail it to us at

Success Survey

We value our patients' experience at Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

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"Severe pain in my shoulders has been greatly reduced with adjustments. Pain in left shoulder is mostly gone."

Success Story Rochell B 2/26/18

"I've been going to Orthopedic Doctor for 2 years with unbearable pain in both hips. I've had numerous shots and pain medication, but nothing worked. I've been coming to Dr. Falk since January 10, 2018, and I am now pain free."

Success Story Tammie B 2/26/18

"In the 4 weeks I have had with Falk Family Chiropractic Care, my condition has improved greatly. There is now hope where I thought I would never have a day without pain. It's my miracle. My quality of life is improving daily. I know getting well is possible now."

Success Story Brittie J 2/23/18

"Dr. Rob and Susan have been absolute angels! My lower back doesn't hurt on a daily basis anymore. I'm so happy and hopeful they can fix my neck."

Success Story Stacy B 2/23/18

"The pain in my leg is half of what is was. I breathe better when I stoop over. My shoulders are not completely well, but much better."

Success Story Ernestine A. 2/21/18

"I can stretch full length in bed with no pain anywhere!"

Success Story Alexa H 2/14/18

"When the weather is cold and raining I have a bad day, but I've noticed a lot less pain in my feet. I'm having more good day then bad."

Success Story Judy D 2/14/18

"Dr. Falk - you made me feel like a new person. My back is so much better."

Success Story Sara W 2/12/18

"When I first came to Dr. Falk, I was sitting crooked, my lower back was killing me, and my right wrist was in pain. After 2 months of treatment, I no longer have wrist pain, I'm not sitting crooked, and my back pain is less painful."

Success Story Elvonda S 2/12/18

"My back is feeling better. Making it easier and more comfortable to continue playing Violin 2 hours a day."

Success Story Calista A 2/2/18

"Feeling a lot better. Getting good sleep. Neck doesn't hurt as bad, and headaches have slowed down."

Success Story Lekeeshia J 1/26/18

"With the help of Chiropractic Care, I have improved 70% of when I started. Not only has Dr. Falk helped with my back, he has done more for my knees than Rehab. He pushes me to make better choices in my health. Also, the Massages I have received has improved my wellness. I can only thank Dr. Falk and his Team for my improvement."

Success Story Charlie B 1/31/18

"My neck was always stiff 95% of the time before coming here. Now my neck feels great, only once in a while I may have a feeling of stiffness, and can't wait to get here."

Success Story Linda R 1/30/18

"Since coming to Dr. Falk, I have gone up to 7 days without a Migraine, which I haven't done in years. I have gone from an almost frozen shoulder, to being able to do circles with the arm, so I feel he is really helping me. Thank you Dr. Falk."

Success Story Libby H 1/19/18

"I feel much better. I can do more activities, my headaches have stopped, and my knee is much better. Dr. Falk has helped me so much."

Success Story Alberta K 1/24/18

"Since receiving Chiropractic Care, my pain level has decreased considerably. My overall health has improved, and I have more movement. Love Dr. Rob. He explains everything, and has improved my quality of life. Also, Susan has helped tremendously."

Success Story Jane C. 1/22/18

"Dr. Falk has given me my life back. Although I still have various levels of pain, he has improved me to the point, where I can lead a fairly normal life. He is definitely the best Chiropractor there is. He truly cares. I send all my friends to him."

Success Story Wanda C 1/22/18

"God has blessed me with the Best Chiropractor - Dr. Daniel Falk. He cares so much about his patients conditions, and does all the right things to help us continue to enjoy our life, without the many discomforts of pain. My results show the years of knowledge, experience and education which Dr. Falk has with the spine and joints. We need more Doctors like Dr. Falk. He provides the best possible treatment for the condition. Thanks so much."

Success Story Judi W - 1-12-18

"I feel Dr. Falk has helped me be better aligned to walk straighter, and has done more with my knees than going to therapy. He has helped me to better take care of myself. He is a true inspiration to me and my husband. Thanks for everything."

Success Story Charlie B 12/27/17

"In 2010, after having rotator cuff surgery, due to a fall, Dr. Falk helped my wrist and elbow to return to health, after weeks of being in a sling in wrong position. Few years later, I was told I needed ankle surgery - Dr. Falk's adjustments, along with time, allowed my ankle to heal itself. So many other back problems have been helped by adjustments."

Success Story Mary H 12/21/17

"My lower back was giving me a fit, until I saw Dr. Falk, and he worked on it for about 6 meetings, and now the pain is gone."

Success Story Lanny S 12/19/17

"Dr. Falk has gifted hands. He knows just where and what to do, to adjust and release the areas of pain. Susan is also a very gifted & personable therapist. I thank God everyday for their help."

Success Story Pat G 12/15/17

"Feeling much better. More energy and flexibility. A great feeling of well-being."

Success Story Gail D 12/13/17

"I'm feeling better in regards to Chiropractic. I'm totally loosened up and have less pain. I look forward to coming. Dr. Stinson is the best."

Success Story Pat S 12/11/17

"I have greater range of movement in my knees. Remarkable movement in my left knee, which was very stiff. I can now bend my left knee. That is a great blessing to me. I couldn't live without Chiropractic care, it keep me going."

Success Story Rochell B 12/11/17

"I found that getting my spine adjusted once a week (instead of once or twice a month) eliminated my migraine headaches. Since starting the new times, I have felt more comfortable overall too! (no stuck head)"

Success Story Constance J 12/11/17

"Much better after 4 years of pain and sleeplessness."

Success Story Janet R 12/11/17

"Was in a car accident 5/3/17. When I went to Dr. Falk, I was in pretty bad shape - couldn't turn my neck at all, couldn't raise my arms, had trouble walking, back hurt, legs, right side of my ribs, couldn't lay or sit right and dizzy. After X-rays and findings, he started adjusting slowly. I was in pain almost all the time, plus had continuous headaches. Now after many visits, adjustments, and exercises, I am feeling pretty good. My right side at my ribs are still a little tender - but I know it's going to take time. If it wasn't for Doc, I can't imagine where I would be now. I can now bend to do little things – fill and empty dishwasher, and also the washer and dryer. I still don't lift or carry wash baskets. I watch how I do things, and will continue with my adjustments as a maintenance. I am very grateful for such good care I received, and kindness of staff."

Success Story Phyllis K 12/6/17

"When I began my treatments, I had difficulty walking. Now I can move about without that pain in my lower back for a greater period of time."

Success Story Rosalie J 11/21/17

"Since doing the treatments, my back pain, neck and shoulder are doing great. I hardly have any pain unless I do something strenuous. I am more than pleased with my improvement."

Success Story Mary S 11/21/17

"My lower back pain diminished considerably. My jaw was constantly getting stuck, and now is only occasionally. Susan's massages have also helped immensely!"

Success Story Dali N 11/20/17

"I used to have lots of back and neck pain, but now I feel much better, and can play my violin daily without much pain."

Success Story Calista A 11/17/17

"Neck movement has improved with treatment as well as range of motion. Lower back is also improving."

Success Story Boyd H 11/17/17

"More flexibility in my back. Significant reduction of pain. Back spasms ceased."

Success Story James W 11/7/17

"My arm is doing a lot better. My shoulder was drooped down, and is now back level with the other, and I can make a fist."

Success Story Manning B 11/6/17

"I can tell a difference overall in a month! I feel much better, and am very glad I decided to become a patient."

Success, Story Karrie M 11/6/17

"I'm improving, to be compared with where I was before the treatment."

Success Story Kenisha N 11/1/17

"I've seen improvement ever since I started my treatment."

Success Story Patrick N 11/1/17

"Complete cure on rotation cuffs. Great work on back, knee, shoulder and dizziness."

Success Story Calvin P 10/31/17

"I could barely walk when I came to Falk & Dr. Rob. Almost immediately after 2 treatments, I was able to walk. After 6 visits, I could walk without a cane. 12 visits later, I have no more pain or muscle spasms. I am 100% back to normal. Thank you so much! I learned a lot too !"

Success Story April O 10/30/17

"Doing better. Numbness in hands has decreased."

Success Story Harold C 10/30/17

"About 80% better."

Success Story Janet R 10/30/17

"I have friends who kept telling me to come see Dr. Falk, and I kept putting it off thinking I would feel better. Wrong !! I know better, having gone to Chiropractors on and off for years. My headaches were off the chart. My shoulder, neck pain, and low back had gotten out of control, so I finally came in. Thanks goodness !! It is slow coming, but I am older, and it took time getting bad.. It is getting better. Thank you!"

Success Story Libby H 10/27/17

"Neck better, Arm better, Knee better. All my problems have improved, but I continue to injure myself."

Success Story Calvin P 10/24/17

"Since chiro care, the sciatica rarely bothers me. The elbow pain is mostly gone. I sleep better, and have more stamina."

Success Story Deb Z 10/17/17

"I have been very pleased with the care provided to me at Falk Family Chiropractic. When I arrived, I had difficulty walking, as my hips and knees hurt a great deal. My shoulder hurt, and now both areas are much better. Also, get a massage; Susan is great!"

Success Story Bryan F 1015/17

"Getting better since my treatments with Dr. Falk."

Success Story Norma M 10/12/17

"I have less headaches, and more flexibility."

Success Story Jasen P 10/9/17

"Decompression has kept me from having back surgery, and the pain is half of what it was. My activity, though not what I'm used to, is more than half from where I began when I came here. I tell all those I run into with back or other issues to see Falk Family Chiropractic."

Success Story Corky P 10/3/17

"Overall, I'm about 70% better now than before I started treatment."

Success Story Bruce L 10/3/17

"I am so glad that my friend Wanda told me about Dr. Falk. Dr. Falk has given me my life back. A year ago I was a mess. Now I am wonderful."

Success Story Alberta K 10/3/17

"Knee problem much better. Expect more results. Overall every joint in my body is getting better."

Success Story Freda J 9/28/17

"Before seeing Dr. Falk, I had had severe neck pain for over 10 years. After years of chiropractic adjustment, I finally have relief."

Success Story Kelly F 9/25/17

"Since receiving Chiropractic care, the pain in my back and hip has shown considerable improvement. I have better range of motion, and decreased pain level."

Success Story Jane C 9/25/17

"Dr. Falk is great! I was in a car accident and my jaw was clamped almost shut, but after a couple of visits, my jaw was back to normal ! Yeah ! Dr. Falk - God Bless You !"

Success Story Angel B 9/22/17

"I came to Dr. Falk 5 years ago, not being able to do anything, except laying down due to low back pain ad fibromyalgia pain. I couldn't even clean the house or load the dishwasher. Now I only take my fibro medication occasionally, instead of 3 times a day. I can do chores and spend time with my child."

Success Story Briana E 9/22/17

"I'm much better, not good enough yet !"

Success Story Mary S 9/22/17

"Chiropractic has helped me enjoy life. If I get in 2-3 times a month, it keeps away migraine headaches. Living life with a clear spine is joyful. I have been adjusted on and off since age 19.. It is life time spine care for me."

Success Story Constance J 9/20/17

"Dr. Rob and Miss Susan are amazing! As a client with Multiple Sclerosis, I present with many challenges. My quality of life has improved greatly in the last two months. Less pain is amazing!"

Success Story Cathy B 9/20/17

"I am better everyday, especially the day after treatment. Had 2 nights of no pain in hips, last Wednesday and Thursday. Massage helped a lot too."

Success Story Pat G 9/18/17

"Went on vacation in the mountains and felt good all the time,. Able to walk long distances and uphills."

Success Story Connie C 9/18/17

"I was in a lot of pain after a fall in December. As a result, I was on Meds for severe pain in my hips, back, ankle and knee, when a friend suggest I see Dr. Falk. I have been seeing him and Susan (the massage therapist) for the past 2 months, and the improvement has been almost unbelievable."

Success Story Patricia G 9/18/17

"Since I came to Dr. Falk after an auto accident 5/3/17, I have improved. I can now move my neck, which I couldn't (whiplash), walking is better, hardly any headaches or dizziness, no back discomfort. I still don't feel 100% yet - right ribs still hurt and neck tight. I am not worried. I have all the trust in Doc to fix me up."

Success Story Phyllis K 9/18/17

"I have had Chiropractic care in the past in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but the care that I had was limited to a specific area. Here at Falk, it is not limited, and I feel that my care is focusing on the whole body, and making sure that my pain is addressed and all of my movements are addressed as well."

Success Story Donald B 9/15/17

"Some improvement as a result of Decompression."

Success Story Frank B 9/15/17'

"I had severe lower back pain constantly. After treatments, the pain is almost gone."

Success Story James P 9/13/17

"I came to Dr. Falk in so much pain. Dr. Falk took time out to look at what was the problem, and he found it, and started working on it. I feel alot better now than I felt before."

Success Story Rebecca B 9/11/17

"Moved from Spartanburg. Saw them at May festival, won the massage and she's wonderful. Started coming 2 times a week, now down to once a week. Dr. Rob has become a friend, as well as chiropractor so thoughtful and understanding."

Success Story July P 9/8/17

"I am now once again able to walk pain free in my hips."

Success Story Ken S 9/8/17

"I came in with sciatica pain. Nothing I tried was working. After coming to Falk's and having Dr. Rob work with me, and on me, I went from high unbelievable pain, to pretty much no pain. The adjustments and helpful info are truly healing and wonderful."

Success Story Steven R 9/8/17

"At first, I had pain in my neck, but after some treatment, it seems to come and go. I also have pain in my legs. After Dr. Falk treated me a few times. The leg pain is gone."

Success Story Lanny S 9/7/17

"Dr. Falk has helped my left knee, hip and back, where I can walk alot better. I have learned to come see him once a week, so he can adjust me where I am having problems. Feeling much better since seeing Dr. Rob. Have much more movement in neck/spine while under his care. Thank you Dr. Rob"

Success Story Cheryl W 8/31/17

"I have been suffering from acid reflux for many years. I asked for help with ithis. Dr. Dan did work on this, and I have not had trouble with acid reflux since then."

Success Story Jan J 8/30/17

"I can get out of chair without having something to pull with."

Success Story Sara E 8/28/17

"Withotu ever having started treatment, I feel I would still be on pain shots and nerve blocks."

Success Story Brenda S 8/29/17

"No more stiff neck. Can no longer hear shoulder bone snapping. Pain in knee is gone."

Success Story - Linda R 8/29/17

"Thank you Dr. Falk, for helping make my shoulder better."

Success Story Jenny G

"Was feeling really better! Able to turn in bed with less pulling and pain. Banged left arm into granite counter while turning around to enter living room. Felt whole rib cage jerk to right ! Ouch !!"

Success Story Eileen W 8/28/17

"Increased flexibility and strength."

Success Story James W 8/28/17

"The Decompression Treatment is most definitely working. Less pain, less meds, more mobility."

Success Story Corky P 8/28/17

"Good improvement in my shoulders. No headaches. Increased range of motion for my shoulders, and also some for my knees"

Success Story Rochelle B 8/25/17

"I have been helped a great deal by Dr. Falk and his staff. My knees and hips feel better, and I am now better able to do most of the things I want to do."

Success Story Bryan F 8/24/17

"20 % Improvement"

Success Story Frank B 8/23/17

"Most days I feel better, but with my disc issues, each day is different. Depends on what I do during the day."

Success Story Deb S 8/22/17

"Excellent care of my back and hips. Great improvement with flexibility and strength. Very thankful for their care and service. Dr. Rob is my doctor there. Thanks Dr. Rob."

Success Story James W. 8/16/17

"My friend Wanda told me all about Dr. Falk, and how he made her feel much better. I was hurting very bad. My neck was so tight, and my back was one big ache. I had never gone to a chiropractor before, so I was a little scared. I met Dr. Falk, and what a wonderful person, and doctor. He made me relax, and I have never felt better in my life. Dr. Falk is great. He cares for all his patients. He listens to you. He actually called me, to make sure I was alright. What doctor these days does that? I will recommend Dr. Falk, and have, to all my friends."

Success Story Alberta K 7/27/17

"Until my current injury, I have been relatively pain free. Other problems were always treated successfully."

Success Story Frank B 7/25/17

"I have been very pleased with the results I have gotten while coming to see Dr. Falk. When I started, both hips hurt, both of my knees hurt, and my right shoulder was uncomfortable. After about one month, the only thing that still bothers me slightly, is my right hip. My energy level is up. I am very grateful to Dr. Falk and his staff."

Success Story Bryan F 7/20/17

"Since starting treatments, my pain has decreased a lot. I can move more freely."

Success Story Bruce L 7/18/17

"Getting treatment from the Chiropractic & Wellness helped me very much. I have learned to breathe, which helps me to relax."

Success Story Connie M 7/12/17

"I would say that there's a significant improvement, with regards to my pain in my neck, back and leg. I am now able to walk longer distances, especially shopping, without my hips or sciatica acting up."

Success Story Connie C 7/11/17

"Chiropractic care has improved my ability to move my neck. I still have a way to go, but overall, I've had much success."

Success Story Pat S 7/9/17

"I am so pleased with my results. I was headed for knee replacement. Now I am walking pain free. My back no longer aches. Thanks for helping me get my mobility back."

Success Story Linda S 7/7/17

"Everyone is polite and professional. So far, feeling better, and back more aligned. Hope it continues."

Success Story Deborah S 7/7/17

"I am very satisfied with the great service here."

Success Story John P 7/5/17

"I have learned what I should do to help myself. I have gained a good bit of knowledge on what medicines to avoid and what to take for help. A lot of good advice!"

Success Story Connie S 6/27

"Not yet! ..But moving in the right direction."

Success Story Linda R 6/27/17

"We like the fact that your practice is always learning and teaching about health, and better ways to take care of the bodies that God has given us."

Success Story Sandra R 6/22/17

"I feel much better since seeing Dr. Rob. Wearing a vest, and duty belt for 12 hours a day was taking a toll on my lower back. Since coming here on almost a daily basis, I feel a lot better, barely any pain."

Success Story Reagan B-M 6/20/17

"I started seeing Dr. Rob about 5 months ago, because of extreme back and neck pain. I followed his treatment plan, and am now pain free!"

Success Story John O 6/16/17

"The care I have received has been good. The Staff is great. The symptoms I had were reduced about 90%."

Success Story Jim D 6/16/17

"Dr. Falk is excellent and personable, listens to your complaints (all of them) without judgement. Worth every cent."

Success Story Anonymous 6/11/17

"They do a wonderful job. Friendly and helpful staff."

Success Story Anonymous 6/10/17

"Chiropractors are Professional and Experienced. Massage made me feel ten years younger. Love the Falk Team."

Success Story McGovern, B 6/8/17

"Thanks to Dr. Falk, I am now off all pain medication and injections for back and headaches."

Success Story Gertrude C 6/7/17

"Staff is nice, friendly and professional."

Success Story Stacey B 6/5/17

"I always know I will be greeted by big smiles & a warm greeting from the staff. My adjustments are thorough & effective."

Success Story Diane A 6/1/17

"Staff is always very friendly and Dr. Rob is more concerned about your health and not just about giving you an adjustment."

Success Story Linda M 6/1/17

"Can't go wrong with Dr. Falk. I have suggested people I know to check out the services of Dr. Falk, and they have done so with great success and will continue to do so, because I know that Dr. Falk is at the top of the line of good chiropractors in the area. I have gone to good chiropractors over the years, but he is the best!"

Success Story Marie S 6/1/17

"This is our first time there, and so far we really like Dr. Robert Stinson. And the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable."

Success Story Michelle S 6/1/17

"Since coming to Dr. Falk, I've been able to move better, and take less medicine. I tend to over do it at times, as far as exercise. When I feel relief, I tend to get excited, and do or over do to much, thus the pain returns. I really do see progress though!"

Success Story JB T 5/31/17

"My posture and lower back are better thanks to Falk Chiropractic."

Success Story Arlene J 5/30/17

"Chiropractic care has definitely been beneficial to my neck, back and other areas that have caused pain."

Success Story Patsy S 5/30/17

"Rob and all assistants make you feel at home. I feel like alot of pain has gone. Key point, if you keep coming more pressure is relieved. Pain is still there, but hopefully it will go away. Thanks to all."

Success Story Tina B 5/25/17

"Since coming to Falk, I have had a vast improvement to my condition, in comparison to what it was when I first came in."

Success Story Glenn T 5/23/17

"I can move with greater ease once I get going. I get very stiff when I sit or lay down, but once I get up and get doing, I can move with greater ease."

Success Story Rochell B 5/22/17

"When I first started coming here, I was in a lot of pain. I really didn't think adjustments would help, but I have seen a big improvement with the adjusting and applying ice."

Success Story Juan R 5/18/17

"Dr. Rob and Susan are great professionals in their field. Am blessed to have found them."

Success Story Arlene J 5/18/17

"Dr. Falk & Staff have gained my trust. When I felt I couldn't make it to another appointment, I received great encouragement. Very affordable. Very caring. Dr. Falk is teaching this ole dog new tricks. I want to be my best and age gracefully. Thank you Dr. Falk & Staff"

Success Story Karen S 5/17/17

"I went to 2 hospitals and my regular doctor. I had a CT scan and still no one could stop the headaches. Dr. Falk stopped them in 2 visits"

Success Story Lisa G 5/17/17

"Once upon a time I had pain, now I have none."

Success Story Garry C 5/17/17

"I first came to Dr. Falk for a simple adjustment, and now with continuous care, my back stiffness and pain is 90% gone - my neck is improving."

Success Story Betty M 5/16/17

"I am using my arms better because of the exercise I am getting, and my family thinks that I am walking much better also."

Success Story Mildred M 5/16/17

"Headaches are at all time low. Blood pressure reading on left side getting closer to the same reading as the right side. Really has helped with lower back issues."

Success Story Jennifer S 5/15/17

"I'm experiencing great progress, and everyone has been so nice,"

Success Story Betty M 5/10/17

"The best!"

Success Story Bobbi P 5/5/17

"They seemed very concerned about trying to help me with my situation!"

Success Story Joe T 5/4/17

"They seemed very concerned about trying to help me with my situation!"

Success Story Joe T 5/4/17

"So far Falk Chiropractic seems to be the first doctors office out of 5 that I have been to this past year, that acts like they really know what is wrong with my neck, and will be able to treat me."

Success Story Dorothea T - 5/2/17

"I feel better, and can move and do things more than I could before."

Success Story Bruce L 5/2/17

"Dr. Falk and Staff are patient."

Success Story Alexa H 5/2/17

"Dr. Falk has made sciatic pain just a bad memory. My range of motion has increased to 70%. I'm sleeping much better, and have decreased my pain meds by 50%. Chiropractic has done more for me in 2 yrs., than 20 yrs. of medical care."

Success Story Deborah Z 5/2/17

"Great service and results."

Success Story Judith R 5/1/17

"I got injured and fell in a restaurant several months ago. I was referred to Falk Chiropractic for my neck and back. I am so glad to have come here, because now I feel much better - Less pain, and now I can move my arm and legs. My back feels better, and I can walk and run again, as I couldn't before I fell. Thanks Dr. Falk for all the adjustments."

Success Story Nathaniel D 5/1/17

"Since I have been coming to Dr. Falk, I feel so much better. The pain has decreased 50 - 60%. I wish I had started treatment sooner."

Success Story Brenda S 4/28/17

"Everything you do makes my life better. Little by little except for sleep, still not near enough sleep. Less than 1/2 pain, taking less than 1/2 meds. Moving and walking daily."

Success Story Corky P 4/28/17

"I am a Firefighter who suffered from lower back pain, and limited mobility. After treatments, I have recovered fully, and am feeling better than ever thanks to Dr. Rob and his staff."

Success Story Steven D 4/28/17

"I can now play ball and my neck not hurt. I feel like I can do things with my kids, better than I could before. I owe all that to Dr. Rob. Thank you."

Success Story Faith A 4/25/17

"Before I started seeing Dr. Falk a few months ago, I pretty much had back pain all the time. But since starting treatment, I am pretty much pain free now. I am so glad I decided to go through treatment. I will continue to come."

Success Story Renee B 4/24/17

"Great staff, very friendly, Dr. Stinson was great. I feel so much better since my care at Falk Family Chiropractic."

Success Story Sandra R 4/18/17

"I am using my arms better because of the exercise I am getting, and my family thinks that I am walking much better also."

Success Story Mildred, M 4/18/17

"I don't have near the amount of headaches, and my posture is better than it's ever been"

Success Story Julius J 4/12/17

"Back and Neck pain have decreased. Was having to take tylenol daily, now only PRN to help with headaches."

Success Story Stephanie C 4/12/17

"Very thorough in my chiropractic and massage care."

Success Story Arlene J 4/11/17

"In the last couple months, my overall Headaches have decreased."

Success Story Renee, G 4/11/17

"I feel better. Neck stiffness improved. Mid-Back not much pain. My pain and numbness in my legs are less."

Success Story Ivette, C 4/10/17

"I am definitely feeling improvement, although I am still very sore and stiff. I have been like this for several years, therefore, I know it may take a long time to bring the much needed healing. I am grateful for Chiropractic Care. Dr.Falk is an awesome doctor."

Success Story Rochell, B 4-10-17

"Haven't had headaches. Not as much sinus trouble/issues. Sleep better."

Success Story Bryan C. 4-7-17

"Dr. Falk is very knowledgeable and is always educating clients on health and well being. Very thorough on adjustments and uses various techniques to get the results and relief needed. I always walk out in less pain and with more relief than when I arrived. The best Chiropractor in the area, and I know, been to many before finding Dr. Falk."

Success Story Deb Z 4/6/17

"When I first came here, I had constant low back pain and sciatic nerve pain that prevented me from sitting much at all. The low back pain is only occasional now, and the sciatic nerve pain is nearly gone. There is more flexibility in my hips, and less stiffness upon standing."

Success Story Karen J. 4-6-17

"Dr. Falk has helped me get rid of the headaches and perpetual pain in my shoulders, and in between the shoulder blades. So worth the visit."

Success Story Jennifer S. 4-5-17

"Not wanting Surgery, that two Orthopedic Surgeons said was the only way to correct 3 herniated spinal disc's, a muscle sitting on my sciatic nerve with excruciating pain in back, running from my lower back down my left leg to my big toe, not to mention other pain, and not being able to walk, sleep or eat right. The thought of fusion - 3 replacement disc's, 2 rod's and screws was devastating, since I've already had 1 surgery on my back. My Orthopedic Specialist at Scripts in California agreed, that after looking at my MRI, to try anything I felt comfortable with to avoid surgery. He agreed that in "many" cases, Chiropractic Treatment works well. After little thought, and much excruciating pain, I began treatment, then added Spinal Decompression Therapy. Was somewhat skeptical, based on much false negative info, but the thought of immobilization and major surgery - lost! I'm only 1/2 way through my Treatment, and I have 1/2 the pain - taking 1/2 the meds. I can sleep, eat and walk without major pain. Can't say enough positive about treatment, professionalism, knowledge, thoroughness and care with each and every patient. (far surpasses the norm)"

Success Story Corky P. 4-3-17

"I have had great success in coming to Falk Family Chiropractic. Feeling better and wonderful service."

Success Story by Pat S. 4-3-17

"I started seeing Dr. Falk in January 2017 because of the issues with my Neck/Back problems. Not sure of what he would be able to do for me. I have been diagnosed with Sciatica/L4/Degenerated Disc, and have been given Steroid Injections for years. They helped some, but the pain would always return, and I had also been diagnosed with Migraines, and had a couple of Botox Injections. They helped, but had some bad side effects from. Dr. Falk stated he would be able to help me, but it would take some time, and with continued adjustments and exercise he would give me, I would start seeing results. I have to admit, at first I was a little discouraged, but am glad I continued with his plan. I started out 3 days a week, now at 2 days a week, and with Massage Therapy, my back is getting better, not as much left leg pain, but my Migraines have diminished, and for me that is saying alot. I have cancelled other Botox Injections that had been scheduled for Migraines, and also Steroid Injection for my spine. Dr. Falk and his Staff are great. The staff is very friendly and easy to work with, and Dr. Falk gets involved with his patients health/chiropractic care, and there to guide you on a better lifestyle. I am onto achieving my maintenance program, and doing that without Injections/Pain Medication."

Success Story by Gertrude C. 3-29-17

"While not expecting the results I"ve gotten, I"m very pleased. Ice is my friend!"

Success Story by Char S . 1-27-17

"Before I came to Dr. Falk, I couldn't blow my nose. (nothing would come out) Since I am receiving adjustments, and he is working on my sinus's, I can blow my nose everyday normal, and also I can smell now - couldn't before."

Success Story by Phyllis K. 1-20-17

"First adjustment? OMG Second? Hmmmm Third? Whoa! Now- after a few months, I feel 80% better! Hanging in....."

Success Story by Eileen W. 10-17-17

"Since receiving care I've felt more rested at night and more energetic during the day."

Success Story by Jason P. 12-23-16

"I was in pretty bad shape when I first came in to see Dr. Rob. Now, I am so much better with my weekly adjustments. The staff is awesome as well. Whether when they greet you at the door when you come in, have to be iced down afterwards or scheduling your next appointment. Would definitely refer people to see Dr. Rob. M"

Success Story by Linda M 10-2--16

"Dr. Falk is fabulous.....Very professional. He takes his time to thoroughly examine and start you on a treatment program. Office staff is great as well. I get the feeling he genuinely wants to help people, and I never feel rushed. In addition, he has an amazing massage therapist. Highly recommend!"

Success Story by Betty H 10-2-16

"Since I have started seeing Dr Rob and Susan (LMT) I definitely feel better and different. I have suffered low back pain for about 40 years, but I feel they have changed the bad things that I have been living with for so long. I will want to keep seeing the two and continue a maintenance program so that I can feel this good hopefully for a long time."

Success Story by David S. 6-17-16

"A few hours after my first treatment I noticed my range of motion in my left arm improve dramatically. I can raise my left arm over my heard with no resistance or pain! I now am amble to clasp my necklace behind my neck with no assistance I can now move my head freely. My mood has elevated. i am amazed at how good I feel. I am no longer tired, I have energy! I slept so good after my first treatment, I woke up refreshed ready to start the day. After just one treatment I notice these wonderful changes in my daily functions. I will definitely continue seeing Dr Rob and follow all his instructions Dr Rob is a life-saver! I am so happy and thankful to have Dr. Rob as my chiropractor."

Success Story by Lisa B. 06-10-2016

"Dr Falk healed my hip sciatic nerve impingement! I came in bent over in tears. A month later, I walked out free of pain. His staff was compassionate, professional- all was amazing. For best Health Go to Dr. Falk!"

Success Story by Alexa H. 06-08-2016

"I have a wonderful success story! Let me say first off that I was so dizzy all the time. From my very first adjustment I have not been dizzy. I also have a lot of neck pain. Neck pain is gone. I feel like a new person. Also, I would like to say that Dr. Falk and his staff are Super! From the time you walk into his office until you leave the staff treats you with respect. Dr Falk and his staff are great!!"

Success Story by Linda C. 09-18-15

"Two years ago, I walked into [the] Falk Family Chiropractic office. I could not walk small distances. Today with the help I received, I'm walking, taking classes at the gym, and learning more about nutrition. I am such a healthier person and just loving my life again. Thank You Dr. Lummus and Dr. Falk"

Success Story by Catherine J. 01-19-15

"I began coming to Dr. Falk when I started having back pains from many flights during my travel for work. With regular visits to Dr. Falk for adjustments my pain has disappeared."

Success Story by Vaughn V. 01-19-15

"Overall, my situation has improved slightly. Can breathe better and have a better range of motion. Doctor is PHENOMENOL!!!"

Success Story by Kim F. 01-19-15

"Dr. Falk is helping me by stopping my headaches, reducing sciatica problems, relieving my back, knee and sinus pain. Thank You!"

Success Story by Don S. 12-03-14

"I cannot say enough about Dr. Daniel Falk and his "magic touch". He has helped me so much, and I have for less pain in my back and legs. I am so grateful for his compassion and knowledge."

Success Story by Dolores B. 11-14-14

"Dr. Falk is the best! Feeling better back pain is greatly reduced!! Can walk and move. I am walking everyday again!! Best place to come for GREAT CARE!!"

Success Story by Nancy T. 11-14-14

"My shoulder was absolutely in pain in the joint especially when I laid down to sleep. After adjustments, exercises and lots of water, my pain is almost gone. Thank God for Dr. Falk and his knowledge. I am now gaining on my health issues."

Success Story by Willie H. 10-29-14

"When I began having Dr. Falk work with me for several issues; upper back pain, wrist discomfort, shoulder pain (numbness and tingling); I was not new to Chiropractic care. However, I had slacked off in treatment due to a relocation from another state. I met him in a retail store and he shared that he believed he could help me live better. I am much better today. I have progressed to maintenance care again and I am thankful for having met Dr. Falk and the care and treatment I have received."

Success Story by Hilda S. 10-29-14

"I first came to see Dr. Falk because I had vertigo. He definitely helped me. He has also helped my sinuses. He has done wonders for my back and neck. I would recommend everyone to come see Dr. Falk. He is very personally concerned about your health."

Success Story by Deborah B. 10-29-14

"I came to see Dr. Falk because of pain in my shoulders. After 1 week I was able to move my arms without any pain. After 3 weeks, I have full range of motion in both my arms. From the nutritional information I have received I am challenged to improve my health. Thank you Dr. Falk."

Success Story by Pat R 10-29-14

"Since starting with Dr. Falk my back pain has come to non-existence. The pleasant atmosphere makes it worth taking the time out to come for an adjustment."

Success Story by Lynne G. 10-29-14

"I feel much better after my adjustments. I don't hurt as much, feel more relaxed and can function much better in lots of ways. It helps my morale and makes me feel good all over."

Success Story by W.B. 10-29-14

"I had numbness in my fingers and arm. Since coming to Dr. Falk all of my numbness is gone and I have full motion in my arm. Thanks."

Success Story by Debbie H. 10-29-14

"Dr. Falk is creating a new me. I have progressed a great deal since coming to chiropractic. At 89 years, I am happy to be walking with just a cane. Thank you Dr. Falk."

Success Story by Bettie L. 10-24-14

"If you want to stay in great health with better than normal mobility, flexibility and energy; then visit Dr. Falk Family Chiropractic and Wellness office as often as he prescribes. I have received his care for many years and stay young, healthy, energetic, and seem to resist illnesses. Thank you Dr. Falk for your concern and excellent health care."

Success Story by Andrea C. 10-24-14

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