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We love to hear from our patients! Please share with us how well you are doing with chiropractic care. Download and fill out the following form -----> Then save it with your name and e-mail it to us at

Success Survey

We value our patients' experience at Falk Family Chiropractic & Wellness. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

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It's been some time since I've been coming to you for my health care needs, so I felt it was time to take a moment and express my most sincere appreciation for the care you have provided me the last decade or so. I believe my first encounter was when I was experiencing severe migraine headaches every day...for more than six weeks. Since that time, you have helped to correct things such as nasal/sinus issues, a hip that was giving me serious trouble, neck and upper shoulder pain, and a host of other aches and pains. Whatever I bring you, your techniques ALWAYS provide relief, and I thank you for taking the time to correct my deficiencies. The personal care and concern you have for my well-being, combined with your desire and passion to correct the things that ail me are much appreciated! I am so very thankful for what you have done. Everyone should be aware of the tremendous improvements in health that can be achieved through the regular chiropractic care you provide. 

Success Story Patrick G 9/26/18

I hurt my back and right knee. Could hardly walk, was in horrible pain. went to doctor and was given meds, which helped, but did not fix the injury and pain. Came to Dr. Falk, and after 2 months, was in much better condition. Adjustments and Massage has made my pain almost gone. 

Success Story Karen E. 9/21/18

Having less headaches with less frequency and intensity. Was using all natural things for the pain previously, instead of all the other meds that make me feel crazy. 

Success Story Dawn W 9/10/18

Receiving regular chiropractic care has helped me to maintain better overall health. Therapeutic massage is an added benefit. Thanks! 

Success Story Gretchen S 9/10/18

I have always suffered from headaches. Some more severe than others. Chiropractic care is the only way my headaches stay at bay. I'm always recommending it to others, because it's much less invasive, and no long term side effects. 

Success Story Stephanie P 9/7/18

I am more mobile than I have been in years. Because I feel better, my quality of life has improved signifcantly. 

Success Story Nancy H 9/5/18

My low back pain has decreased significantly. Standing for long periods of time no longer aggravates my symptoms. 

Success Story Stephanie E 9/5/18

My chiropractic care has greatly improved my ability to walk and exercise more without pain. I recommend this treatment to any who are experiencing pain in the extremities or headaches. 

Success Story Tracy M 9/5/18

Over the last 5 months, my pain has gone from unbelievable to almost non-existant. That you so much to Dr. Falk and his entire Staff, for helping me through, and for always being professional and courteous.

Success Story Renee N 8/28/18

Dr. Falk was able to pinpoint my back pain to it's cause, and administer the solution to start the remedy. Looking forward to regaining my life again, and all that I enjoyed.

Success Story Carol C 8/1/18
"My treatment plan has improved my ability to stand for longer periods of time on my job. The back pain and stiffness is almost gone."
Success Story Stacy B 7/27/18
"My low back pain has improved, and I am able to stand for long periods of time without causing pain."
Success Story Stephanie E 7/23/18
"We are very happy with our progress. We have reduced the amount of headaches dramatically. We have gone for 10 days without a headache. We are very grateful to Dr. Falk for helping Christopher."
Success Story Susan K 7/23/18
"My lower back pain has gone from extreme to very dull. My knee is no longer tight all the time. Lastly, my headaches are rare now."
Success Story Dennis K 7/16/18
"It was what I expected. I have been doing Chiropractic Care for 30 years. The care I received here was very professional, and one of the best ever."
Success Story Albert W 7/2/18
"From the Front Desk to the Staff that ice you down, they greet you with a smile and truly care for your needs in a professional manner. Dr. Rob decreased my pain level from a 9 to a 5 in a quick manner. He is very professional, and wants to reach out to make you better."
Success Story Charles G 7/2/18
"Falk Chiropractic treats me very good. They are the best. I love how they care about their patients"
Success Story Natina W 7/1/18
"I was experiencing dizziness getting out of bed and during exercise. After several treatments, I no longer have any dizziness."
Success Story Lynn D 6/28/18
"I use to have a lot of falling incidents over the years, and couldn't understand why. Dr. Falk found I had a twisted pelvis and put it back into alignment. I haven't fallen in quite a few years since I was adjusted. Now my two legs go straight together when I walk. I also had alot of sciatica in the hips some years back. Dr. Falk has helped correct that problem. I had arm freeze and couldn't lift my arms much without pain. After doingt stretching exercises for awhile its much better."
Success Story Cheryl M 6/26/18
"My back, low at waist level was hurting really bad when I walked or moved, even when I was sleeping. Afer some to see Dr. Falk, I walk better, can sit longer without hurting. I can move and bend better and hurt less."
Success Story Marc F 6/26/18
"Dr. Rob rocks! He has made me feel better, and have less pain. Awesome Staff!"
Success Story Florence H 6/26/18
"I get relief with my weekly adjustments. I am much improved from a year ago. If I do not get my weekly adjustment, my progress digresses quickly."
Success Story Lynn W 6/25/18
"3 years ago, I couldn't ride in a car for more than 30 minutes without having severe spasms, that sent me to the ER regularly. Last summer I took a cross-country train trip (5 days each way), with no repercussons. I have not been to the ER since I have been receiving Chiropractic Treatments!"
Success Story Debbie Z 6/12/18
"My foot has very little pain (after 2 years). My back has greatly improved, and it had been in fairly constant pain for about 3 years."
Success Story Lisa R 6/11/18
"No high blood pressure meds, no cholesterol meds. Great rotation of neck. Videos are great!"
Success Story James R 6/8/18
"Since I have been coming to Falk Family Chiropractic, I have less headaches and with less intensity. My right shoulder pain that I came in with is gone. My neck moves better, and I walk better. My right wrist seldom hurts now. The videos played in the office are very informative."
Success Story Marcia F 6/8/18
"Since starting treatment, I have not been woken up by back pain in the middle of the night or had lasting back pain during the day."
Success Story Jack M 6/8/18
"I would have migraines just about every other day. My neck and back were in constant pain, but that started changing very quickly after consistently visiting Falk Family Chiropractic. Things are healing and getting better."
Success Story Kent D 6/8/18
"When I first came to Falk Family Chiropractic, I was in a lot of pain with my neck and back. Thanks to the treatments with Dr. Rob, I feel a lot better. Thanks so much you guys!"
Success Story Kelsey J 6/7/18
"Dr. Falk and Staff have been fantastic. My pain has decreased, and I actually look forward to my adjustment. I love that education is important to this practice, not just Chiropractic, but overall Health and Well-Being. Thanks you....."
Success Story T Mitchell 5/11/18
"My acid reflux is gone. No more medication. I am sleeping through the night with no back pain 90% of the time. My arm movement is almost back to normal. Neck movement is so much better in range, and in the amount of pain felt."
Success Story: Sherri A 4/3/18
"Dr. Falk has helped me with my knee pain. I have more movement since I have seen him. 5 yrs. ago, he has helped my back also."
Success Story: Cheryl W 4/12/18
"My right shoulder, right wrist, and neck do not hurt like they did when I first sought treatment. I have less headaches, less pain in my knee and hip joints. I am hoping I can get back to doing things like I used to before I hurt so much. Thank you Dr. Falk."
Success Story: Marcia F. 4/13/18
"When I came to Dr. Falk, I had lower back pain and sleepless nights. Now, I sleep well, no more back pain, just other things that tied in with poor posture, and looking forward to continue on the right tack to a healthier me."
Success Story: Ivy H 4/17/18
"Dr. Rob has taken my pain level from 10 to 3. I have better range of motion, and my sleep has improved due to less pain. I have only attended one Health Report, but it was extremely beneficial."
Success Story: Jane C 4/19/18
"Since I started coming to the Chiropractor, my back has really improved."
Success Story: Timothy W 4/20/18
"I feel great! After all the sessions I've had, the pain is gone. It's been quite a success story. I appreciate Dr. Rob and the staff for doing such a great professional and caring job."
Success Story Erik W 4/5/18
"My acid reflux is gone. No more medicine. I am sleeping through the night with no back pain 90% of the time. My arm movement is almost back to normal. Neck movement is so much better in range, and in the amount of pain felt."
Success Story Sherri A 4/3/18
"Doing great! It has improved my life so much better, I feel like I can move more when I am doing sports."
Success Story Faith A 4/3/18
"Nothing really lowered my pain levels, but Dr. Falk has made a noticeable difference in my range of motion, and flexibility. I will really miss his attention to detail while I'm gone this summer. Thanks to you all!"
Success Story Don H 4/3/18
"Over the past 15 yrs., Dr. Falk has healed my frozen shoulder with 3 months of adjustments. He has adjusted my R foot, and decreased the pain so that I can walk farther. Regarding the above, my MD's recommended surgery for both the frozen shoulder and plantar fascitis. I came to Dr. Falk instead. When I have consistent headaches or my R pelvis and lower back goes out of place, Dr. Falk's adjustments either abolish the pain or make it tolerable to I do not need medication."
Success Story Elizabeth W 3/27/18
"Thank you Dr. Rob for your continued concern for my well being. You have realigned my spinal column, and have kept it aligned so I can now function. My life has become so much better."
Success Story James W 3/20/18
"Dr. Stinson is a very caring person and understands my pain. He knows every technique available to make me feel great again."
Success Story Pat S 3/19/18
"I have an eye disease, and have been currently seeking treatment at Duke University since 2003. Since coming to Falk Family Chiropractic and Wellness, my eyes have improved, and I have not had to receive injections for over 5 months now."
Success Story JoAnn B 3/19/18
"Dr. Falk is a miracle worker. I flew off a motorcycle and could not walk. He was able to manipulate my pelvis to it's original state. Now I can walk with no pain. His staff is friendly and efficient. Best Chiropractor I have ever used. Highly recommend."
Success Story Anonymous 3/19/18
"Aches and pains in legs are gone, knees much better. No more headaches."
Success Story Frank M 3/16/18
"Overall, I am feeling much better. I have been able to decrease, substantially, the use of a prescription drug for heart burn. Back pain has reduced."
Success Story Lee S 3/2/18
"Since July 2017 I am much better. Regular Chiropractic visits has made a drastic change in my crooked spine. Now Maintenance is Key to lessening my pain."
Success Story Nora W 3/5/18
"Severe pain in my shoulders has been greatly reduced with adjustments. Pain in left shoulder is mostly gone."
Success Story Rochell B 2/26/18
"I've been going to Orthopedic Doctor for 2 years with unbearable pain in both hips. I've had numerous shots and pain medication, but nothing worked. I've been coming to Dr. Falk since January 10, 2018, and I am now pain free."
Success Story Tammie B 2/26/18
"In the 4 weeks I have had with Falk Family Chiropractic Care, my condition has improved greatly. There is now hope where I thought I would never have a day without pain. It's my miracle. My quality of life is improving daily. I know getting well is possible now."
Success Story Brittie J 2/23/18
"Dr. Rob and Susan have been absolute angels! My lower back doesn't hurt on a daily basis anymore. I'm so happy and hopeful they can fix my neck."
Success Story Stacy B 2/23/18
"The pain in my leg is half of what is was. I breathe better when I stoop over. My shoulders are not completely well, but much better."
Success Story Ernestine A. 2/21/18
"I can stretch full length in bed with no pain anywhere!"
Success Story Alexa H 2/14/18
"When the weather is cold and raining I have a bad day, but I've noticed a lot less pain in my feet. I'm having more good day then bad."
Success Story Judy D 2/14/18
"Dr. Falk - you made me feel like a new person. My back is so much better."
Success Story Sara W 2/12/18
"When I first came to Dr. Falk, I was sitting crooked, my lower back was killing me, and my right wrist was in pain. After 2 months of treatment, I no longer have wrist pain, I'm not sitting crooked, and my back pain is less painful."
Success Story Elvonda S 2/12/18

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